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Need help - Aires resin cockpit sef for 1/72 Fujimi F-22

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I need some advice from my fellow modelers. I am trying to get the Aires resin cockpit set to fit into a 1/72 Fujimi F-22 Raptor and the instructions could be better. My two questions are:


1) Do I remove the raised area inside the top fuselage half, just behind the cockpit/canopy, that looks like a three sided square, for the resin part to fit properly? I think probably yes but I am not sure.


2) There is a slot in the floor of the forward resin cockpit that looks like the instrument panel (IP)/coaming part should just sit in it with no problem. However, the resin strip behind the IP and below the coaming does not fit properly. If you slide it all the way froward it does not sit flush on the cockpit floor. The bottom of the IP central panel seems to be the problem. So do I glue the IP in position not quite all the way forward but sitting flush or do I sand off the bottom of the IP center panel so it will slide forward while sitting flush. This is probably cruical to the fit of the whole thing.


When taken together question 1 and 2 make it impossible to test fit to see what to do.


Sorry, no photos, but anyone who has used this set will know what I mean. Any help will be appreciated.


I have not had luck with any Aires resin sets, I am so far 0-for-5, but still trying.

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