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Temporary Closure. I'm moving

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I'm currently packing up the shop and moving in a couple of weeks. :salute:

I'll do my best to get things up and running after the move, but anticipate setting up the new shop may also take a couple of weeks.

I'm hoping to be back in business by September 1st or sooner.

Contact me if you need something before then. I do have a few items in stock and will help if I can.


My apologies for any email replies I may have missed during the past few weeks/months. It's been hectic...


UK orders are still blocked due to their VAT regulations. I'm hoping to find a solution, at least for orders over $180, before re-opening.

EU customers will need to pay VAT and any fees due on delivery. I do not intend to sign up with IOSS.

Customers from any other countries that add taxes or fees will have to pay those taxes and fees on delivery.

I have a hard enough time keeping track of my own taxes and don't need the extra headache... :bandhead2:




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New business license was approved today. :thumbsup:
Temporary shop space is very close to ready. :thumbsup:
Website and store should be updated and ready to open any day now. I'll make a new post when that happens. :thumbsup:


Sorry for my lack of communication, both here and through email.
The move and things since then did not go as smoothly as planed... (Understatement of the year!!!) :bandhead2:


Our plans to purchase a home got delayed and we are currently staying in a spare bedroom at my mother-in-law's house in Carson City, Nevada, with plans to eventually buy  near here.
Our home buyer needed to move in quickly so our final packing (including my shop) was pure chaos. We ended up moving out 2 days late and tossing a bunch of unpacked stuff into the truck at the last minute, as well as leaving a bunch behind.
All of our belongings are scattered between three fully packed 10' X 10' storage units (no 10' X 30' were available, despite having "reserved" one) about 30 minutes from here.
Apparently "Fragile" and "This side up" labels were ignored, though I'm still grateful for the help we received doing the move.
My shop supplies ended up buried here and there between the units. After multiple visits of unloading and reloading, I still haven't found everything I need for the business.
My shop space is about half the minimum size I need to operate efficiently, so orders will likely take a few days longer than previously. Some products may be temporarily unavailable, I'm still determining that.
There wasn't enough room in the shop for a proper workbench, so there won't be anything new for a while, just existing products.
The internet here is painfully slow and my computer has been giving me fits. I think I need to re-install Windows but have been delaying because I haven't found the box with my computer supplies and software.


There is some good news! The extreme heat and choking smoke from the fires is gone! Only to be replaced with freezing temperatures.


I've been out-of-business for over 2 months and I need a vacation... :doh:

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Hi Chris,

Nice to hear from you.

Very sorry on your troubles concerning the move.

Moving to a new place is always huge disaster.

I hope you will cope with all this stuff nicely and make a deep plunge into the business again. 🙂





BTW, I eventually completed my Mig-29. 😉


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