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What do I need to convert Tamiya's F-14A (Current kit) to a Block 126

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Ok Gang, I want to do "Miss Molly" from VF-111 using the existing Tamiya kit mainly because my shelf space is a little limited so I will do it with the wings swept. From what I understand the Tamiya kit is a block 95 or so with the pitot tube on the nose but doesn't have all the appropriate bumps and such. 

So what do I have to change/add etc. to get to a block 126?

Thanks in advance

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The Tamiya F-14A kit is a Block 85 to EARLY Block 95 jet.

"Miss Molly", 161621, was a Block 125 jet. She was TARPS capable and finished in overall FS 16440, Gloss Gull Gray.

You'll need the following to upgrade the Tamiya F-14A kit to Block 125 standards,

- TCS pod with clear lens.

- ECM antennas for the glove vanes.

- Beaver tail with the ECM antenna on it.

- Tail stiffeners.

- Early style gun vent ( kit part ).

- Late wheels.

If there is anything I missed I'm sure others will correct me.

Good luck with your build.




P.S.  Seeing your profile pic, I'm sure we've crossed paths on some flightline somewhere before.


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