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Hi, here is my Skydiver from a Studio2 3 foot fiberglass and resin very raw kit. I didn't have the skills to work with it so had Steve Neill, a friend who runs SNG Studios, build and detail it. He kept a vlog of the build https://youtu.be/uj5pp64ReRA?t=1051.  I could not do Skydiver the justice it deserved given the complexities in building. It is set up for pumpjets and full RC submerged operations with placing and construction for the hulls to split for access to the Water Tight Cylinder, control rods and the vectored pumpjets but I have not had the time or motivation to completel that so it's static only for the moment. 


I also have Mamas's 32 inch Stingray Model https://studio2models.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=13522157 sitting unbuilt in my attic. 







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Both of these look really nice, especially the impressive metal effect of the surface.


I'm always partial to models that actually do something, and seeing it actually swim makes it another order of magnitude more impressive.


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The SkyDiver looks to have some F-86 Sabre DNA in it.

I recall that in Thunderbirds they would use regular model kits for incidental vehicles...modified B-58s, and the old Monogram Piper Tri-Pacer among them.


So, I wouldn't be shocked if a F-86 kit (or three) helped with the studio model.


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