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Which one is the best 1/72 Mig-21 kit.

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Offcourse it al depends what type of MiG you want to add to your collection, however if you are looking for the MF or PF/PFM types you should certainly look out for an Eduard boxing.


For the Bis variant, there is the KP kit, which is the R.V. Aircraft tooling. It is also good, with a bit of a shape error to the nose according to some, but the best so far imho. However surely not the easiest build. 


The earliest types of 21s being the F and F-13 are covered by Modelsvit. The F-13 is also available in Revell's own mould, which has some intake issues iirc, but cheaper than Modelsvit. If price is not the highest priority and you have a few kits under your belt, I'd suggest the Modelsvit if you look for an F version


That's about it I guess 😉

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For the bis variant I'd choose the Zvezda, because the KP kit is older and supposed to mimic an MF if I am not mistaken.


Still hoping we'll see an Eduard UM at some point in time, but certainly not holding my breath.....


If you would like to add just 'any' variant to your collection, just to have a MiG-21; go with Eduard!

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Oh indeed, I forgot the Zvezda Bis but can't compare as I don't have it in the flesh 😉


Indeed, if it just has to be a MiG-21, Eduard is the one like pollie said!

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On 8/14/2021 at 8:50 AM, hemspilot said:

What about the SMTs.

 Condor, RV and Fujimi all did an SMT in 1/72. Dragan built the Condor one which look quite decent, maybe he can give his opinion on the kit.


But since Gabor S is working on a bis conversion for the Eduard kit, maybe we can pressure him into producing an SMT conversion kit 🙂 


Gabor are you listening?! 😉 Oh, and I need two bis conversion sets for pick up at the Kecskemét airshow please 🙂 

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On 8/15/2021 at 3:35 AM, Glynn Jacobs said:

I'm waiting on SOMEONE to make an F-7NM and or F-7BG with the cranked-arrow wing with some decent decals!




YES! Absolutely! I'm kinda surprised that Trumpeter hasn't done anything in this regard, given that they're pretty prolific in terms of Chinese aircraft.

Now kinda hoping for Modelsvit to continue/expand their MiG-21F/F-13 line.

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Indeed, those chinese variants were also spread across the world to make some very tasty modelling subjects. I also hope the FT-7 could be included too when that Fishbed nephew is properly adressed in 72nd

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