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Anything new in IPMS Vegas?

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Aside from a new line of 1/32 Phantoms from Sprue Brothers?


“In partnership with Phantom Phreaks, we have been working on a very special project that we can finally announce - a new family of 1:32 F-4 Phantom kits.  Twelve (12) versions are planned beginning in 2022.  Tentatively the first release will be the F-4B.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.”

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Tons of pics and coverage.  Some really incredible new resin stuff, particularly missiles and ACMI pods of all flavors and variants.  Phase Hangar resins had all their amazing A-10 stuff there.  And honestly, I’ve never seen more coverage of a Nats. Tons of online streams, video walkthroughs, and photos galore. It’s been fun to see all the pics.

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On 8/19/2021 at 2:12 AM, Alternative 4 said:

Kinetic's 1/48 F-104A/C will be reveled. I have pre-ordered one, so find it interesting.


what Are the major differences between the A and the C?

I think I saw somewhere the box art of this kit , and it says only C model.

couldn’t find any information or preview about this kit.



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