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Anyone know of fin cap replacement for 1/48 Tamiya F-4B?

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8 hours ago, BillS said:

If you have a ZM F-4c or d, the old style fin cap offered in that kit fits the Tam b perfectly.

I tried it and the ZM piece is wider than the Tamiya tail. I went ahead and sanded off the ECM antenna from the Tamiya. It took me all of a couple minutes.

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1 hour ago, F4DPhantomII said:

Got the Flying Leathernecks version now to build the F-4B as either the F-110:or a B with VF-84 Pirate Flag 1965 version.


Please check the fit of your part as soon as possible. We have been receiving messages that some of the parts are too short. While initial prints fit perfectly, there may be an issue with either the printer(s) or the curing process. If yours is in fact too short, let me know so I can send a replacement. We're currently working on finding out the exact issue and hope to have it rectified ASAP.

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Hi All,


Anyone hear from Dave if this problem is sorted? I received 4 various F-4B fin caps and all were too short? I contacted Dave over 5 weeks ago about the issue and he replied that they were working on it. Tried contacting him last week on his post HERE and this week via email without a reply. Anyone else having issues contacting Dave?





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Both FL48-8025 and FL48-8027 are fully stocked and ready to go. Consistent failures with FL48-8026 are the current problem. As expected, most of the replacements are for this set. I'm about to start the 8th test print with new settings and hope there are no problems.


And yes, the number of emails for replacements were just shy of 100 and I have not had time to answer most of them. However, they're all in my inbox and will be addressed as soon as this last part is ready to go.

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