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Bare Metal Foil question..

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I wonder what the difference is between the sheen on regular chrome BMF and their Ultra bright chrome foil?

Has anyone used these two and know what the difference is? Does the ultra bright chrome have less "texture" than the regular chrome?




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Both the Chrome and Ultra Bright Chrome have slight textures to them.  If I recall, I think the UBC foil had just a little bit less visible texture than the regular Chrome.  


I always thought the term "chrome" was a bit misleading for their foil.  While it is nice and shiny, it isn't mirror-like in the way you would think chrome would be.  When I built my 1/48 Monogram B-29, I covered it using Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil and Ultra Chrome BMF.  The Reynolds Wrap looked far more like highly polished metal.  The BMF looked great!  Don't get me wrong, but the Reynolds Wrap, to me, looked more realistic.

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On 8/26/2021 at 6:58 PM, ElectroSoldier said:

Stardust Airbrush Paints WPU 152 Go Chrome.
Blows Molotow pens out of the water for chrome finishes.


Wish I'd seen this before ordering my first ever batch of BMF chrome to do the trim & bumpers on a model car I'm building!


Still, I don't think we can get Stardust paint in Australia?


I looked at reviews & vids for doing chrome but did not come across Go Chrome.  BMF looked like the easiest option (no tiny masking & careful airbrushing needed).  I also ordered some Alclad Chrome as a backup option.


Molotow pens also rated highly on other model forums.


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I used BMF for a long time and got mostly good results from it but its not all that easy to apply, it takes some skill to use it. But that isnt to say the skill in using it isnt all that hard to acquire, it just takes practice.


Molotow pens give reasonable results with very little skill required.


Go Chrome has a number of barriers but for me it gives far better results than either of the other two options, but its only available on one website, its expensive (my 60ml bottle cost just under £50 with shipping and import duties from France to the UK), it only has a 12month shelf life that is real and the first few tries its easy to get it wrong. But once you get it right the results are just stunning...
Ive got an Italeri tanker trailer thats about a half meter long, its overall a bit longer and wider than a Pringles tube and its chrome finish is perfect, its a mirror from end to end. Nothing else comes close to it in the decades Ive been model making.

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I have found the Ultra Bright BMF to be very thick and the adhesive is too sticky, hard to remove the adhesive. The problem with Molotow is it is not a paint, it is a ink, and takes a very long time to dry. Also, you cannot touch it even after drying, it will dull the chrome effect.

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