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Hey look, they can move their wings!

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Hi there Folks! I've not been feeling like modeling in recent weeks. I've had more of an itch to plan new projects. Only after like third idea I eventually thought I could finish something finally. With no real desire to spray anything, I figured weathering would be fun and productive. So weathering it is!


First one to go was the Su-20. I've not found many good pictures of silver Su-20's, so a lot of guesstimating was done. What I kind of regret was not deepening (or not deepening enough) panel lines. Wash just didn't want to set in these panel lines. I had to go over some of them a few times, and even a few got pencil treatment. I've not done something like that it in a long time.

I always have a problem with wash for silver colour. Black is too dark, dark gray is too light.





The Su-22m4 from Pantera was a bit better. Again, not deep enough panel lines were a problem. I feel that after weathering I've lost the contrast between the two grays. I hope it's just the bad lighting.




On the other hand, the Bilek Su-22 had quite deep panel lines. The wash did however kind of flow out of the panel lines. I'm really sensing I can't use Tamiya panel line wash properly.




What I did try however, were Ammo enamel washes for desert colours. And frankly, whey were just so easy to use I might get quite a few more. They stayed in the panel lines, wiped quite easilly even with a dry cotton bud, and were a bit more workable with a brush soaked in turpentine. The only problem is, I've used too light colours. But that is all me.




And finally, the Su-24 I did last, with a combination of Ammo washes and Tamiya panel line wash. That brown colour might get some more treatment with lighting.




The Flogger still awaits some decals... But I still don't feel the colours are "right"...




I'm currently going to add most of the sticking out bits - antennae, gear legs etc. After that, I suppose final coat will be in order.


Thanks for stopping by!

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Yes, kind of. The brown is another suspect. They actually might be working together - contrast here feels off. The brown could be more reddish.

While I know I can kill the yellowness in the sand colour, I don't feel confident in changing the brown too much.

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I'm slowly getting back in the saddle after loosing my head for work. A couple of years of hard work has really payed off for me there. But as they say, now it only gets harder. Hopefully I can have a bit of time for modelling now. The first effect: Tornado. Really, the Revell kit is amazing. Shame I could not salvage the movable pylons. So no movable wings too. Ah well. I like Tonka with wings forward anyway.





Pics make the paint look more pinkish, warm colour. But in reality it's a little more yellow.








One thing I didn't know, was the canopy has inner frames scribed on. I only found out when I unmasked the part and lifted quite a few pieces of paint. And I always run a knife by the edge of masking tape. Fixing all these little imperfections was pretty annoying. I had to paint the entire frame from the inside. But now the effect is kind of nice.




Thanks for stopping by. I'm almost done with the Su-24! Can't wait!

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On 12/16/2022 at 7:08 AM, my favs are F`s said:

That's a production line! 🙂 A very nice topic for the build, and I like especially the Tomcat. How about the B-1, did you consider adding it to the collection as well?

Thanks! So far the F-14 is my best build of the project. And that's not really about to change unfortunatly. I've put more TLC in the paintjob of the Tomcat than other aircraft.

The B1 is not yet in my stash, and I don't think it will be for quite a while. It's a beast in 1/72.


So far however, I've completed the Su-24M!




I'm quite happy with the way the camouflage came out. The brown and green look more or less the way I wanted. The black radome too.




As with most swingers, I like the way they look with the wings swept forward. The undewing pivots work way better with Dragon kit than with Revell Tornado.




That's quite a large aircraft for 1/72. Not nearly as big as B1 but still quite large. Despite the skinny fuselage, I'd say it's at least as big as the Su-34.




Next ones, the Su-22m4's.



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On 12/21/2022 at 5:32 PM, crackerjazz said:

The camo paintjob turned out really great, Thadeus!  Getting to be quite a collection, there : )


Thanks a lot! I do like to collect (we are not supposed to use the word hoard, right?) 😉


On 12/21/2022 at 7:44 PM, Memphis said:

Great squadron! :smiley-transport008:

 Thanks a lot! For a themed squadron they kind of get separated in the display case.



So I'm almost home. The Su-22's are done. All that is left in this build is to finish the Su-20 and the MiG-23.


First, the Plastyk kit. It seems I've lost the contrast between the two grays. It barely shows 😞




After looking at pics of the real light gray Sukhois I figured I'd change the weapons load for a single a/a trainer round. Feels kind of different for sure.




These shots make it so obvious the Pantera kit doesn't have the airbrakes. Shame really.




With the closed canopy, the seat looks really passable.




Bilek kit. Again, not that much contrast. Shame really. Should use a lighter green next time. But it's also the lighting.










Here should be a comparison. Something I really wanted to do. Some observations and such. I will post it, since It's something I tend to do on my threads. I usually revisit them whenever I feel like building the same kit again. And these two kits are sure to come up on my bench sooner rather than later. 

So I'll write up a few words, but first I'll collect some close ups, sort the pics I have of some details.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend! Or Christmas! whichever You celebrate!

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So, as I've mentioned, I used to not like the lines of the Su-22. Lack of pointy end was probably to blame.

However, once I built the Plastyk Su-22Um3K that changed. And then I found out there were much better kits - the Bilek ones.

Now that I built both, side by side I'm conflicted. I really like all the panel lines and detail of the Bilek kit. It's indeed much better than on the Pantera kit. There are four underfuselage hardpoints, there are much better shaped vents. The cockpit is also better looking.

The overall shape however... Well, I don't have any plans for the Su-22. But there are a few points of interes one can check without the plans. The canopy is the main one. I think the Pantera kit has a better windscreen, albeit not a perfect one. The Bilek kit feels wrong. Too small. The line of the canopy and windscreen is weird too. Feels much too slanted. There is a Pavla replacement, supposedly the best. I'm going to get one for myself for my next build if I can find one.


Next point is the thickness of the fin and wings. It's obvious they are too thick on the Bilek kit. But frankly, that is nitpicking.


The last point, is the stance. And I'm really at a loss here. For me, the Bilek kit sits too much "butt down". This shows really bad when the fuel tanks are on the underwing stores. The Pantera kit sits much higher. It has simply some longer gear legs. Both the main ones, and the nose one. I'd have to check the sixe of the parts. It's absolutelly fixable, if You know what to expect.





As You can see, there is significant difference in height. But that is almost exclusivelly in the gear legs. The stance, the angle is pretty much the same. You can also see the difference in overall detail - look at the base of the fin - much more accurate in the Bilek kit. Check out the profile picture of this beuty https://www.planespotters.net/photo/052218/3713-polish-air-force-sukhoi-su-22

You can also see the difference in windscreen shape and size on a real jet and these two.


Here lies the problem. I've used the Su-20 to compare. But it uses the excact same landing gear as the Su-22 kit.



And the wheels are almost identical.



I kind of hoped, this build would make me choose which one of the -22's are better. The Pantera kit unfortunatly isn't a 100% better option. The detail is much weaker. The fit is much worse than Bilek. Literally, the only thing it has is slightly better overall outline. And even that can be questioned. The more You look at the model up close, the more faults You can see. My stencil is quite good metaphore actually. From afar it looks passable.

There is an obvious question of price. I can get three Mastercraft (Pantera) kits for one KP (Bilek). Kind of makes me think about kitbashing.  It gets even better when considering the Plastyk kits. The Mistercraft one goes for 26 PLN, the Plastyk ones go for like 18 or something. That's like less than 7$ and 5$ respectivelly. I kind of can't find the KP ones right now though.


It's weird. I'm thinking about another Fitter right now. I actually have decals for the 3717. And it's a very nice scheme. Huh...


Thanks for stopping by!

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Last one for 2022. The project is almost complete!


The Su-20 is similar to the Su-22 from Pantera. It's ill fitting, but a fun, quick build. It surelly is the fastest one of the bunch. I'd love to build a more colourfull one. Perhaps a Su-17M2?








Had I been doing this one right now I'd make a few things different. The nose probes especially. The moulded on the fuselage pieces look quite bad. It's easy to replace them with plastic.

The worst part are the decals. I should've placed the bort number a bit higher, but it wouldn't move. The side checkerboard is too low.



Thanks for stopping by! Have a good 2023!

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You know, I really should just do a bunch of side by side builds. Get a contractor do to some measure and conversion work, get a team to gather the best plans. Cause I keep getting myself in double builds. And if I don't get myself in one just now, I'll sure give some thoughts about them in the process.


I really like the MiG-23. And with my MLD awaiting some paint touch up decisions, and some decals I figured, building a MiG-23MF would nicelly complement the MLD. And, You know... I'd build another Polish bird.

Right now, there are like four MiG-23's. The KP (former RV) one, the Academy (and kind of Hasegawa) one, and the Heller one. I suppose there also was an Airfix rebox. And there's also Zvezda kit. I absolutelly loved the RV kit once it was released and I still kind of do. Just don't make me assemble one, please. I dread the moment I'll finish the nose gear assembly and attempt to add a mudguard. I do like very much the Academy kit, and the Heller one I never really built. I always found the Zvezda kit ok-ish, with a chance of bad fit.


I've no idea how many Academy MiG-23's I've built, but it always was a quick, fun and pretty much no stress build. And for my current MF, that will be the way to go. Stress free. I want a silver (easy on the painting), Polish (easy on the decals), MiG-23MF from Academy (easy on detail and fit). What can go wrong?


So, first, my motivational flashback. My previous best MF. First time I tried to do something about the ugly radome. Pretty much the worst mistake of the kit, right, and the one most visible at that.




So how about that. I'll take the KP kit, take it as a benchmark and check how does the Academy kit fares in comparison?


The part I've most problem with is the radar cone. The rest of the airframe pretty much looks the part, even the tailfin, which to me looks a bit too small. I know there were a lot of accusations regarding the accuracy of the RV MiG-23 family. The -23 was a last model a friend of mine, who was a major rivet counter, checked agains several plans. I remember quite a few complaints regarding the Zvezda and RV kits. He never said a bad word about the Academy kit. Though he never said anything good regarding. He just frowned. That must've ment he was accepting it as the best 1/72 kit.


Nose cones look pretty similar. There is just slight difference, in Academy nose is too slim. I always felt it was too short though. Seems it was not.



Luck has it, the MLD kit comes with a spare MF intakes and nose assembly. The nosecone I had to take from another kit, this time the 23BM. It won't need it.




Interesting. Academy model has longer nose assembly. I aligned them by the end of the canopy, and here they are aligned by the nosecone beginning. So the Academy kit might be longer...




But it isn't. I aligned both models by the end of the fuselage. Perhaps aligned isn't the best word. But it kind of shows they are more or less the same lenghth. Once I'll assemble the fuselage I'll take a better shot.




So... what about the fin? Yea. There's a lot of difference.




The most similar (from the side), are the intakes.



I've a few plans for the build, and actually started it a few days ago. I'd love to do something about the nose. I've either the KP nose option (not really optimal, since I've only two spare noses, and I'd love to build a few 23's), modify the kit nose (optimal, for every build I'd have a nose). There's also the option to use a Trumpeter MiG-29 nose cone. There are two in every MiG-23. That would make me build an Trumpeter MiG-29 every now and then. Not the worst option, You know?


Thanks for stopping by!


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Nice work!  I like the Mig-23, too.  It has a very sleek look about it.


As for the Academy Mig-23, I think I read somewhere it was supposed to depict an early export version of the Mig-23 with smaller radar or something.  Maybe that's why the smaller nose.   I think the Academy kit is in fact, a copy of the Hasegawa kit but with recessed panel lines.


For some details on the Hasegawa / Academy kit , read this excellent thread ( esp the notes by Jim Barr)



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 Thanks! I remember reading that thread way back.

 For what it's worth, I really like the Academy Flogger. It's one of the kits of my youth. Quite easy to build too. And it was always very cheap. Not that much nowadays, but still cheaper than other Floggers.


Academy kit is super simple. You can literally build it in an hour. The more precise You want to be, the more time it will take.


Well. I begun some detail work with cockpit. As You can see, the armchair is quite comfortable, heated, and has built in massage function. Pilot needs to be comfortable. The stick is actually moulded as a part of the nose wheel strut.



Lack of rear bulkhead is a feature, not an omission. This makes the chair sit much deeper in the cockpit. If canopy is closed, that looks really not bad.





It's not like there's a lot to see there, You know... Oh, and that piece in the background is actually the instrument panel.



Luckilly, Eduard makes these dirt cheap detail sets for the Academy kit. Oh. or for Zvezda. They fit pretty well to the Academy kit.




Sidewalls make the chair unfit but add some detail there. I hope it's worth *yawn* all that work.




The biggst trouble is, You need to trim the front coaming. A couple of minutes with a file, and You're set. I see this is getting good.




While the cockpit is assembling itself, I'll go back to the subject that is both near and dear to my heart. Nosejob. This is Academy.




And this is the Trumpeter. I decided against using the KP nose. I already have like 5 Trumpeter MiG-29's so that's more Fulcrums than I'm willing to build Floggers.




I did try to beef up the Academy nose cone, but I went at it the wrong way. First I added the thin plastic band around the intake and then I puttied the entire rear area of the radome. It simply isnt even enough. I suppose I should've just added thin plastic.




After a few work hours into the build I'm left with such a neat view. New radome requires a bit of rough sanding, but it's really fine. Intakes require a lot of putty, but that is fine too. I also rescribed all the lines and added a few more.





Thanks for stopping by!

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Somehow, I couldn't post the second part of my yesterdays update. I got an error of sorts.


Here are the pics I really wanted to make. The toothpicks are the major points of the airframe. From left to right - radome line, beggining of the windscreen, beggining of the canopy, end of the canopy, front of the intakes, wing pivot line. As You can see, there are quite a few differences between the kits. The intakes and radome are more or less in the same spot on the both kits. There's a huge difference in the windscreen lenghth, and slight in the cockpit opening lenghth, which in turn makes the nose in front of the windscreen short on the KP kit, and very long on the Academy kit. Looking at the pics of the real deal, it should be about in between the two kits, and I feel KP (or RV) got closer to the real deal. Here's a nice side pic: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98531702@N05/27890423819




Man, surface detai is so nice on this kit.





some animation. The very first gif I made.





Here are the noses. It would actually be better to cut the first 2 or 3 mm of the front fuselage on the Academy kit. But this way the entire Model would be too short bu this amount. I could make the radome bigger. But again, I feel this would also distrub the entire look of the model. Perhaps a bit of a cheat? place the radome panel line 1 mm aft of the actual line? Interesting thought.





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So, it seems I'm going to have to change my 2023 plans. The MF is almost ready for some decals. But since I was building another silver aircraft, I figured I might try out the gloss black base for silver. Well...




I don't think I made any model so... silver. The base colour is regular H8 silver, with tons of x-20. Actually I had some coverage problems with the paint at this time. It took like 20 coats for the colour to finally feel right. I've been pondering the colour of MiG-23MF's though. You see, I've decals for a silver jet from 1992, in 1997 it was gray overall. I guess I'll trust Techmod on this one. Don't know if MiGs carried R-3's in 1992 though.

Still, theres also the thing with colour. I use H8 for most things silver. However, I'm building a Mirage F.1b at the moment. And the underside aluminium got me thinking. I already have some additional silver paints (actually, from chrome to flat aluminnium, "silver" is just so annoying). In some pictures, the MiG-21's look very much like the finish on aluminium paint. It seems they were painted up with some aluminnium paint. Perhaps the 23's got the same treatment? The 21's arrived, supposedly in bare metal. After a while they got the paint. So it might be the case with 23's too. I'm leaving it as it is, but it got me wondering.




I'm pleased to report, the nosejob is considered a succes. I moved the radome line 1mm aft. Looking at some MiG-23 pictures I ponder, wheter not to put it even more to the rear. I still have to paint a black radome ring.




Thanks for stopping by!

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So, all the decaling is done on both MiG-23's. Eventually, I decided against repaint on the sand colour. I don't have anything dark and not yellow. I tried mixing two shades, but on the test piece they seemed off. So I figured too yellow can't be that bad. I'll darken it and hopefully break the mustard hue at a later stage. KP decals were not so good. I mean, the look allright. It's just the stencils seem a bit too thick. They were also crumbling in water, easilly breaking when pulled. A tiniest bit of decal film helped a lot. Fun fact, smaller designs were printed almost entirelly off the clear film.




For the MF, Techmod decals were a pleasure to work with. A tiniest bit too thin was the Bort number. When I was separating it from the decal sheet it kind of glued itself together. It's barely noticable though. The hardest part, I could not find any picture of this bird in silver. So I guesstimated the checkerboards were of the earlier design, with red square to the upper left. From 1993 Polish air force uses a checkerboard rotated by 90 degrees, with white square occupying the left upper spot. I wonder how all this shine will look under a semi matt coat.




Next, some weathering! Thanks for stopping by!


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Posted (edited)

One more lands on the shelf!! I couldn't resist doing the Polish AF bird first.

Building it next to the KP bird really shows how basic this kit is. Very little panel lines, especially on the wings. There's no rearward mirror on this one, hell there wasn't even the center bar on the canopy. . I might do it sometime later though. But it does have the pitots. But, once built up I have to say I really like the way it looks. Reminds me of my first Academy MiG-23.




I'll probably have the MLD done this weekend too. All it needs is a flat coat, painting of all the hanging stuff, and I'm done!

Thanks for stopping by!

Edited by Thadeus
reuploaded the photo
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Aaaaand we're done!


KP MiG-23MLD is finished. I managed to tone down the sand colour a bit, so it doesn't look that yellow. And the brown I finally can accept. I made the pitot tube out of scrap plastic, as well as the triangle antennae on the nose. I'm not too happy about some of the chipping and in a glorious feat of clumsiness I managed to put a small gray fingerprint on the right side of the fuselage. Luckilly the brushpainted Vallejo greens look similar when applied with the brush as with the airbrush.




But the model IS done. And so is this project (for now). I've had a blast. I thought I'd be at it a little longer, I didn't expect I'd build two additional models, but I'm done for now. I'll probably revisit the thread when I'll tackle either of the F-111's I have planned. Or if I ever get one of the big swing wing bombers 😉


Thank You very much for stopping by! Untill next time!

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So, how about a couple of shots per model? 😉















Su-22's: They are very hard to photograph. Both suffer from too little contrast beween the main colours.








And the MiG-23's






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