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1/32 helicopter with 1/35 crew possible?

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I know someone has tried this and was wondering just how much scale difference it would be and if it is possible.


I was thinking of building a UH-1D but the crew figures I want to use are 1/35 scale while  the copter is 1/32.


Your help or advice is needed before I go throwing money at it.




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It is not really an issue.  The difference is relatively small, sort of.  1/32 is 9.143% larger than 1/35.  You can use the two scales together as long as constant-sized items such as weapons, canteens, ammo pouches, etc. are all the same scale.  I have used 1/35 pilots, soldiers, and gear with 1/32 helicopters in the past. 


I have done exactly what you were thinking.  I have placed 1/35 Dragon helo pilots in the 1/32 Revell UH-1D Huey and AH-1G Cobra. They look fine together and fit perfectly. 


If you go the other way though, 1/32 figures with 1/35 helicopters or vehicles, it doesn't work as well since the figures are too big, almost 10% larger.


If you look about 1/2 way down page one at the below link, you will see some examples.




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Reedoak offers also all his helicopter crews in 1/32, as all his carrier deck crews in 1/35. However, if you use 1/35 scale figures in the neighborhood, it will probably be better to go 1/35

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My plan is to do a UH-1D with door gunners from my era Viet Nam.


I found a Dragon 1/35 "D" model on ebay but the guy wanted $250 for it. Some guy with more money than brains bought it.


I'm not a collector, I buy models to build so I'm stuck with the Revell UH-1D in 1/32 scale but I can get the crew with weapons in 1/35 scale.


The Reedoak figures look very nice but with all that detail they must be very hard to paint and I'm an old fart! 😉

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