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Is This Varnish Combo a-OK?

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Hi guys 🙂 I have a little bit of a strange question, of course about something that I do for the first time and I'm just slightly precautious.

So, is it good to spray 2-composite polyurethane varnish over a celulose/lacquer varnish? What I mean specifically is that I already sprayed Tamiya LP-9 Clear and now I would like to finish with a wet coat of MRP-279 2K for an even better gloss finish. Is it a good combination? Does anyone try that before? Should I have any concerns about cracks of the Tamiya lacquer or of the paint underneath (it is also MRP metalizer, celulose/lacuqer paint)? I never used such a 2-composite polyurethane varnish and I don't know how it behaves - is there any darkening with the time? Okay, thanks a lot if you could encourage me and say that it is safe. I know that I often worry too much but I'm a fan of the acrylics and never try such varnish type. 



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you can do lacquer over polyeurethane but not the other way around....and you can do lacquer over poly so long as its deshelled, and really you shouldnt anyways. Look into enamels instead. I wouldnt put anything over Tamiya clear unless its enamel. Ive had good luck with that before, but if I really wanted a glossy look I would just future it.

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I wouldn't expect any problems.  It is common in the car world to use lacquers and 2k clears.  Gravity Colors, Zero Paints, Splash, etc of the car world are lacquer based and all have 2k clears.  As always, it pays to test.  But I can attest that Zero Paints 2k clear worked without problems over Tamiya lacquer spray bombs on my SF70H.  I'm not sure if their LP line is much different or not.



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