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What do you find unusual about it? It's not in one overall colour despite appearances, (though some spitfires were, in the much debated so called Malta blue or grey) you can see what looks like a demarcation between the cannon bulge and the cannon itself. And possibly just after the exhaust. General consensus is that it's, or could be, extra dark sea grey and dark slate grey over sky type s, or azure blue, as Malta didn't like sky undersides being too light, though given that this is on Malta and the whole host of unusual colours that were used there, it's anyone's guess as to whether it's right. It's a very low contrast between the 2 colours anyway. The codes SN A are probably yellow, matching the tone of the outer ring of the roundel, but could be sky type s or white. Deciphering what went on on Malta re colours is next to impossible.




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It's a MK5c with fishtail exhaust pipes from a MK9, never seen that before.  Guess no one had noted that, they (Mk5) always had that weird exhaust arrangement of 6 exhaust outlets stuffed in three pipes on each side, and this definitely sets it apart.

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It's fairly common, mostly fitted to some late production V tropicals based overseas, and fitted with Merlin 45, 50 or 55. Though there are exceptions............




Late production Vb flown by USNR Lt. Robert Doyle with Ensign John Mudge. Also seen fitted to some Portuguese, Italian, Yugoslavian aircraft, but equally possible to see them on any late war V.




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