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Roden 1/144 B-36

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     Your question assumes that someone is building or has built the Roden B-36 and also is building or has built the Hobbycraft B-36, from which to form an educated opinion as to the strengths & weaknesses of each and a qualitative comparison of the two.  Here are two Hobbycraft kits that have been built: B-36B without photos & B-36D with photos.  And here is a Roden B-36 kit review (in German).  Judge for yourself.

     One 1/144 B-36 is enough for me and as I have previously purchased the Hobbycraft kit years ago (still unbuilt and currently on loan to a decal producer who frequents these forums), I do not plan on purchasing the Roden kit.  Unless, that is, said decal producer provides such stunning markings that I may seriously consider a second kit.  I think many folks who may have purchased the Roden kit are anxiously awaiting the said decal producer's release before they start building.  Just a thought.  Go ahead and get the Roden kit if you don't already have the Hobbycraft kit.  Both, no doubt, will require about the same amount of effort to build into a nice model.  Oh, and get the AKS canopy mask. It will be well worth it!

My $.02!

Kind regards,


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There's a thread over on Hyperscale, one of the guys is posting in progress pics of his build:




I've got 3 of the Hobbycraft kits, its doubtful I'll get the roden kit. That money is already spent....It doesn't seem to be enough of an improvement over the HC kit (for me) to get another one. 

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