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SAAB JA37 Viggen, Jetmads 1/32

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I have a small anouncement 😄

My next project will be Jedmads´1/32nd scale JA37 Viggen.
I just recieved the box, took a pic ture of the box and then my camera ran out of juice 😛
Anyway I have a few things to be done with first so this is a TBA of sorts 😄

But this is where it´ll happen anyway so keep an eye out for updates!




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49 minutes ago, dustiepal said:

This is great news. I have one on order so I will follow your build with all your great tips. 



You are very welcome to 🙂 I wwill share all my Viggen lore with everybody who wants a seat 🙂

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Ok, I guess you´ve waited long enough for a presentation of the kit 😄

So let´s get to it then!

The boxart really captures the Viggen and it´s purpos in a coldwar Sweden.





Upon lifting the lid there is a colorful cover to keep parts from bouncing around in the box.






Off with the cover and we are greeted by the instructions and the decals.






The instructions are printed on glossy paper and is indeed in a very nice formate to have an evening read 😛 Very detailed and ...classy!





There are 3 decal sheets, 2 A4 sized and a smaller with Air Wing emblems....and to tell the truth I´m not that impressed by them. colors are outside borders and the feel gritty....not a good start.






The two larger sheets are another deal...glossy and thin, looking great!






Aha, that explains it...printed by Cartograph 😄 strange that they didn´t do the Air Wing emblems? room for improvment.





Hmm, the instrument decals look so so... Quinta studios, I´m looking at you, do something nice for us!


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OK, what do I need to add to the code so the pics will show???




Hmmmm,  weird...I can´t post the links in a written document and copy paste it ....I have to use the links directly from photobucket!?

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Odd to see a box without spruesheets 😛  The parts are well packed and protected....sweeeeeeet!







Looking at the resin it is amazingly detailed, no air pockets or craters...smooth with fine panlelines and rivets! I really like the sublte riveting.











The inside is thoughtfully planned for airducts and the RAT. there is a panel covering the RAT if you want to build it in flight and it is easily removable if you want the innards to show









The midsection...








The tail cone is 3D-printed and it looks amazing! wonderful details the layers show a bit but that´s a simple polish and primer issue.









A little opsie on the opposite side...oh well I can deal with that, 3D prints are brittle.




The inside is nicely detailed...neat.







The nosecone....








It fits rather snuggly in the forward fuselage section even without treatment it just popped into place...




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The darn thing is huuuuge, I get a bit agoraphobic as a 1/48 scale builder 😛 ...the feel is enormous but it´s just a few centimeters bigger than a Flanker in 1/48.






The canopy is cast in clear resin, it looks nice but will need a polish to be really nice..but still not bad at all!




So many parts! All cast resin and 3D-printed.I like how the 3D-printed stuff are packed in cast resin cakes that you just lift out from the packaging foam.




A quick look at the 3D stuff...they look really really nice! incredible details over all.







The rudders, nicely cast 




As are the missile bodies and weapon pylons and the launchers.






The wheel wells are equisite! as are the fanfront...too bad it´ll hardly show in the finished model.












Aww maaaan! The first big dodo! The right main wing wingtip has not cured, it had bonded to the packaging material. The outmost tip is missing and the rest of the tip is soft and sticky...unworkable!
Let´s see how the Jetmads customer service deal with this.!








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The details and riveting on the canards are reall nice.







More closeups on the printed stuff and the missiles and pylons.








I´m somewhat disapointed that the pitot tubes are printed...they WILL break, had much rather seen turned brass pitot tubes.....Master, I´m looking at you!







Hmmmm...the details on the instrument panel doesn´t come through as crisp in  the details as many other parts.Actually poor details and soft ones at that....Quinta Studios, I´m looking at you again!







The struts looks amazing however! wonderful, crisp details.








The slimelights looks a wee bit overdone, may have to sand them down a bit.







The tail fin looks fine.





And finally...I have procured some paint masks from Maestro that will make my life simpler when it´s time to paint 😄







Final conclusion is that this is a hell of a model!!! I can´t wait to sink my teeth into it...but I do have to wait sice I have a comission job
to finish first.
These little babies in 1/48. 




Cheers and keep an eye out for when the build starts!


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Hello Aigore,

Firstly   Thank you for sharing the photos of your kit.

SO looking forward  to your Epic JETMADS VIGGEN build. 


Looks like a superbly  crafted kit indeed.



Your 1:48 Scale Viggens look STUNNING. 





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5 hours ago, BastianD said:

Following this one, really curious how this beast will be like in 1:32

BIG. lol 🙂



2 hours ago, HOLMES said:

Hello Aigore,

Firstly   Thank you for sharing the photos of your kit.

SO looking forward  to your Epic JETMADS VIGGEN build. 


Looks like a superbly  crafted kit indeed.



Your 1:48 Scale Viggens look STUNNING. 





Grab a seat Holmes 🙂

Great to see you still hanging around 🙂

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3 hours ago, caudleryan said:

Well! That is certianly a mammoth project you got! And welcome back! Glad to see one of my favorite modellers back in action, here!

Thank you, happy to be back 🙂 Didn't really leave, just didn't have anything to contribute...so I stayed a silent observer 😛 life, you know..

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