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SAAB JA37 Viggen, Jetmads 1/32

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It´s Sunday and Boxingday at that but I have an update ready for you !


Soon, my precious....Sooon

Time to give the gigant Viggen some attention....it is time to add and fix small tings 😄

There was a piece missing from wingroot of the canard so I needed to fix that with putty. So I started my usual masking.







And a wee bit of sanding 







Moving on to priming the whole shebang.







With that  it was time to add the flaps.


The flaps move as one on the JA and are slightly dropped when parked.








ANd some primer on that too








Well well, almost time for paint! I´ll do a once over to spot defects I can´t live with and then it´s time for paint!









Oh, and my only X-mas gift from me to me arrived, new missiles! The in box missiles aren´t bad per se but they only come with training round markings...I wan't my Viggen to carry the real stuff that goes bang and besides the Eduard Brassin is simply outstanding!... I´ll cuddle those boxes infront of the teli tonight 😛







A small update but things are a foot!



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4 hours ago, kurnass77 said:

C'mon mate,almost there!!!

Are the actuator fairings a bit misaligned or is a camera essect?



Thanks my Eagle eyed friend 😛 it's not the actuators it's the whole flaps assembly unfortunately....but I will probably correct in the future 😄

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Oh, it´s Friday AND New Year's eve so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

A few more stuff to add

I had to deal with a couple of beauty spots I couldn´t really live with 😛








Oh I almost forgot the body pylons!






Nasty layering there...but I fixed that in a whiffy with my scraper.







Then I just glued them on....the fit is so so but good enough so I can just fill with the acrylic putty.









A little comparison between the Jetmads and the Eduard Brassin missiles...


Jetmads aren't bad but the Brassin stuff is just so much better. This is why I almost always go with Brassin  ordinance in any build, they are exqusite!






The Skyflash/sparrow... another benefir with Brassin is I don´t have to mess with removing layers so they save time as well!






Then I shifted my focus to the struts, exquisilty detailed....but those print layers are ever present! I don´t really know how to get to the layers without messing upp details.....very....unforfilling. I have to think on this.









Same with the wheels....  well I'll shoot some primer on top and then we will see how bad it is. 






Parts prepped for primer.








Lastly I filled the gaps with acrylic filler











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It´s the first sunday of 2022 and I have an update for you!


I begun todays session with repriming the areas I had meddled with before. Darn it looks good.











Then I primed the struts and wheels in Alclad Black Primer....I covered with rich coats as to see if it helped with the printed structure.











Time to get down to business!


I won´t add anything to the everending debate about preshade vs post shade or black basing. This is my prefered method and I like the results I get and therefore I keep doing it this way. Each to his/her own. I won't compare my screwdriver to your pliers... all are tools we use as we see fit.

So this is my way:


I use a gray primer for airframes and I start with painting Tamiya XF-63 German gray along panellines, rivet lines and areas I want in shadow. I don´t use black because the contras is too big. I use a black base on parts and areas with a lot of details like cockpits, wheel wells and landing gear.







My next step is to shoot squiggles all over, in this case I use the same Tamiya XF-63 but I use different coulours for this depending on what will be the top colour. This is my standard Modus Operandi for gray surfaces 😄

It is  to break up the top colour and give it depth and structure.







I then finish off the preshading with random squiggles with a light gray, MRP FS36622, again to give the top colour depth and structure.






More in part 2

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Part 2



MRP FS36622 is a good match for the struts as well, slightly lighter than the orginal colour but with washes it will darken. There are many interesting colours on Viggen landing gears later I will go through the struts in detail.








I painted the hubs in glossblack and then shot Alclad White Aluminium on top. Again, looks bright but washes will tone down the shine.






MRP has a really good match for the Swedish Blue-Gray....so on with the top coat!


And  here's the result. MRP covers really well I only used 3 half cups to paint the entire underside and the drop tank. I am pleased :D










There, the underside painted, next is a bunch of masking and then time to start on that juicy splinter scheme :D

By the way, there's a hefty weight in this kit really felt in my left shoulder how straining it was to move it around while painting!


Anyways, Cheers! see you later!

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It´s Friday again....all be it a very early Friday, and it´s time for an update.
It is time for paint and I will actually give you 3 updates in one go but there will not be the usual Sunday update though but I´m sure you will be pleased anyways.


The time has come to start on the splinter scheme..... or Leaf Pile as it is called in Sweden.

First off I had to mask off the underside....









And for the mid green I went with MRPs excellent Mid green





I always start with the mid green on a Viggen splinter scheme and I start by covering the entire kit. Didn´t take that much paint as I would think, I used up my old bottle of mid green though but it was only 1/3 full. 5 half cups for covering the kit and touchups. Must say it served me well , 4x 1/48th scale kits and one 1/32nd scale

Anyhoo....it´s green now








A short but time consuming update 



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The tan....

I run this very basic so if you already know just enjoy the pics and move on 😛

Ok, time for that strangely weird tan on the VIggen that can take on any hue from sand, red brown to almost gray. More on that later first masking!

I use the Maestro masking sheet, partly because I popped the idea that he should blow up his existing masks to 1/32 and because I got a set free as finders fee 😛

(btw, sorry for the bad white balance throughout this post, I´ll try make amends)







Just like it´s smaller siblings it´s  three sheets of masking joy....I actually like masking with this set....it will be my 4th model I used it on (tho smaller)

So I don´t expect any unknown problems other than the usal from using a 2D sheet to cover a 3D surface.





OK, here´s the victim ready and in position.





As I painted it in the wonderful Mid green from MRP it is of course the first colour to be masked.

I always begin with this mask on the left wing, it´s the easiest mask and it is like finding a corner in a puzzle, I begin here and let it grow over the surface of the kit.





The left wing done..... not so complicated and only take a few minutes to apply. 







Then I move on to do the right wing, the flat surfaces of the wings and fins are simply the simplest to begin with.







Sometimes you end up with a spot where the masks don´t cover. I think this mask was foremost for the AJ and they have lantirns right next to the forward radarsensor.








You just fill the space with either tape or the strips that comes with the set.

There are no thing as a perfectly painted Viggen, there are not two Viggen with exctly the same cammo even though the same masking matts where used during factory painting.

A pilot told me once that the paint weighs between 4 and 500kg and are 10% slower than an unpainted jet. The sacrifices we do for a nice paintjob 😛




More in part 2

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Part 2
And the fin...both sides








The left canard, the right canard only have a tip of the front  masked...so nothing to show.





With that I moved on to the forward section of the left fuselage....







The right side...







Now I started with the trickier bits since there's lots of curves on the flanks.

A bit of patience and forgivness to your self....perfect alignment is a mystical beast  I've heard of in tales.








Then the other side, you notice that I save the spine for last.







With the spine masked it was time to make my M507 tan paint. nLIke I mentioned at th beginning of this post the tan is tricky.

The MRP swedish tan is alright but I like the tan to be darker and mirkier, leaning towards grey.

My mix is 2 parts MRP Swedish tan, 1 part MRP Swedish dark green and lastly I add a few drops of dark gray. This is the mix I like, it's pulling towards green and gray. I don't say this is the way (hehe) but this is how I do it and how I like it.







And this is how it looks on the kit...I have saved the mixture for bettering if needed. Tomorrow I´ll mask the tan and then paint the dark green.






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Dark Green...

Yup, another shorty..

Here is how I left it yesterday...




SO I masked the tan....






And shot MRP Swedish Dark Green.... Tamiya XF-13 JN Green match pretty well too








Tomorow I´ll mask off the dark green and paint the black and then it´s revealing time :D



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Well I got a surprise for you, I wasn't sure I could make the usual Sunday update hence the extra friday updates.As it turns out I had the the time and
I won´t torture you any longer than necessary, so here goeas 😛


Ok, this is where I left it yesterday.....time to mask the dark green!






And the dark green masked







Paint it black!  I use the MRP black, it's slightly greyish but not as off black as Tamiya NATO black. but really any black works 😄







And now for the great unveiling!







Got paint pulled at a few places...







and I missed securing one paintborder 😛 oh well could have been worse.






Other than that it looks fabulous 😄
















I finish the session with a picture of it with another projekt in the works.







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2 hours ago, kurnass77 said:

Wow, just wow!

I said that will be epic...

Minor issue taht you can manage without headeches my friend!




Thanks my friend 😄

oh yeah, I fixed those small beauty spots easily


1 hour ago, BastianD said:

Man, you convinced me to build a mofo Viggen after my F-Vark! Splendid camo!

Thanks Bastian 😄


inspiration is the best praise 🙂 and your Vark is wicked cool!

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1 hour ago, crackerjazz said:

And that's how it's done : )  You make it look easy.  Beautiful camo work and nice suprise pic : )

Hehehe....yup, it ain't that hard  D take it slow and easy and it's no probs 🙂

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3 hours ago, Thadeus said:

That is just amazing.You made painting the Viggen splinter scheme seem like easy work.

Thanks Thadeus 😄

it's not that hard....you put down a mask at a time 🙂

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Ah, Friday again and here is a small update again.


Moving on

After finishing that splinter cammo one would think that the model is all but finished but no.

Now it's about making the canvas ready.... everything up to this has been a transport distance and there are more to do before it is time to breath life to the model and give it a soul.

It's a serene moment when you move on to the small stuff. First off is to paint the regulator and you also see the edge of the cover that shuts the reverser slits in supersonic flight. I begun with masking







I masked the fin tip as well.







Then I shot Alclad Gloss Black Base







I use Alclad Airframe Aluminium to get that shiny base that I can work with









The next step was to shoot Alclad steel and then remove the mask.










I shot Alclad Gloss Black Base on the fintip and the nose cone.










Then I bettered the intake lips with Alclad white aluminium










I'm thinking of leaving this beauty spot as is in fact you will find lots of these on real Viggens too....the paint shop wasn´t manned with modellers 







There you go. Next on my to do-list are the black edges on the wings and fins, fix the forward radarsensors, do some bettering painting here and there and from there move on to the wheels and struts.








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