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Hi all


I am selling the following 1/32 resin sets, resin parts, kit parts, books and decals.  I'm selling it all as one lot for 150 euros plus postage. There is a fair bit of out of production stuff -nice resin sets and nice decals including some aggressor decal sets for F18s, F16s and F14s, zacto resin missiles sets, resin bomb sets ect.  Books on the SU25, Flanker ect.  So have look and if anyone is interested PM me.


I will post by Mondial relay where possible.  La Poste in all other cases.  Contact me and I can tell you the price of postage to your country.  Items are located in France.


Here is complete list




Two Bob's F-15E maximum effort eagles 32-070


Fighter town big bad hornets F18Cs FTD32001


Superscale F16N/TF-16N stencil data


Roodecal Australian and New Zealand air forces roundels and writing.


Highland models RAAF  mirage III 76 San decals for all metal Finish version


Two Bob's F18B Casper and his friend!y ghosts


Two Bob's F18A top gun hornets


Two Bob's F14A splintered NSAWC TOMCATS


two Bob's F16C block 32 blizzard bad guy


RAAF F18A 3 Sqn centenary of federation 2001


RAAF F18A 3 & 77 Sqn enduring freedom Afghanistan 2002


RAAF F18A 77 Sqn dark grey low viz trial scheme


Tiger Wings MIG 21 Romanian/polish camo schemes with full stencil data


Tally Ho MIG 21 Czech full stencil data


MIG 2 paint mask for the splintered camo scheme (I'll send you amici of it.  Looks cool)


MIG 29 digital camo scheme paint masks


Academy F16I Sufa mix of decals with ejection seat decals and weapon decals


About 20 odd Academy F18 weapon decal sheets with about 35 sprues of weapons from the academy F18 kits


Trumpeter EA18 growler weapon decals for AIM 9Xs,  AIM 120Cs, AGM 88 HARMs


1/48 scale Canberra bomber decals for Australia, Argentina, west Germany versions




Zacto resin models AIM 9X sidewinder missiles x2


Zacto resin models AIM 120 AMRAAM missiles x2


Resin sidewinder CATM various nose tips


Academy Sufa GBU 12s (6) with decals


F16C block 32 wheel bay doors. ( These you can't buy and had them done in resin from the F16 thunderbirds kit)


2x Tamiya F16  canopies, 2x F16 general electric resin burner cans, 


Trumpeter sprue of Triple ejector racks and Centreline ejector racks


Zacto resin R-60 vympel Russian air to air missiles X 2


Trumpeter ALQ 87 jamming pod for thunderchiefs or for a robin olds phantom F4C he used in Vietnam


Flightpath GBU 12B laser guided bombs in resin and photo etched parts


Eduard F15E PE interior set in colour


Skyraider AN/ALQ 131 shallow jamming pod with decals


Quickboost resin russian SPPU gun pods X 4 for SU25, SU17, SU22 and Mig27


Wolfpack resin AN/AAQ Listening pod


Quickboost F14A ejection seats with belts


Eduard F14A interior PE set


Master models F14 metal pitot tube and AOA sensors


Master models F16 metal pitot tube and AOA sensors


Master models metal F16 static dischargers


CAM resin AGM 65 Mavericks X3 with triple ejector rack (only kit that provides AGM-65 Maverick triple ejector rack)


CAM resin MK 20 rocketed x 12


Aires AN/ALQ 188 attack training pod


Grand models resin AIM 2000 IRIS T air to air missiles


Clear sprues for F18s, academy F16I Sufa, Tamiya F16


CAM resin ACES II ejection seats with belts


Academy AIM 120C AMRAAMS X 6 with decals from the Sufa kit


BOOKS (all in English)


SU-27 Flanker concord publications by Sergey Skrynnikov


SU-27' Flanker Sukhoi superfighter by Jon Lake Osprey publications


Sukhoi SU-25 Frogfoot "the Soviet union's tank buster" byYefi. Gordon Aerofax publications


SU-25 Frogfoot in action squadron/signal publications


Wild Weasel "The SAM suppression story" by Larry Davis Squadron/Signal publications


F-14 Tomcat in action No 206 all colour series by Lou DRENDEL Squadron/Signal publications


US aircraft and armament of operation desert storm by Bert Kinsey in detail and scale publications


Air war over the gulf by Eric Micheletti Erwindrow Greene publishing 

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