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1/48 Hasegawa Harrier GR.9 - RN Anniversary Scheme

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Just finished my latest Harrier (after a bit of a hiatus) using the Model Alliance RN anniversary decal sheet.  It’s a great scheme and one that adds a nice bit of color to a typically grey subject.  I went to town a bit using the L’Arsenal Paveway IVs, Aires GR.7 cockpit set, Pavla Nosewheel Bay, Armory weighted wheels, Metallic Details nozzles and outrigger wheels, Phase Hangar cockpit det cord and Flying Leathernecks Soft Intake Covers.  Plus a bunch of scratch built RBF covers.


Painted with Mr. Color Medium Sea Grey overall.  Canopy is Dark Sea Grey.  The L'Arsenal Paveway's a a bit fiddly to put together - next time I think the key is to prime them first to see the detail (they're cast in cream resin).  The tail decal is slightly small meaning I had to touch up areas where they didn't meet - I was able to find a nice blue to work but the red is slightly off.  Also found the Aires HUD was too tall to fit and I crushed it as I put on the canopy - so I cut it out and fabricated an RBF cover to hide my error!


Overall I’m pleased with the way it turned out!















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