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Foxy Vette: Interesting car, but the kit needs work...

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Media tie-ins are nothing new to the model kit world. Replicas of famous TV and film cars have always been a big thing for model makers, and this practice continues with Round 2’s “Supernatural” 4-door Impala. Howevever, there’s another kind of media tie in that’s a lot less common, and that’s making a famous person’s car into a kit.


One great example of this is the “Foxy Vette”, which was a Barris-designed custom Corvette made especially for media darling Farrah Fawcett back in the late ‘70s! This one-off creation was immortalized, kinda, by AMT at the end of that decade, and the model since become something of a rarity. It’s been a grail of mine for quite some time now, and I was thrilled when my brother gave me one for my Birthday this past summer.


To see how AMT captured this moment in media history, check out the Out of Box review for the Foxy Vette at the link below!





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