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Fujimi Kaman Seasprite 1/72 interior and exterior colors

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I've had this in inventory for 30 years, finally going to assemble it.  The instructions are 'basic'.  Anybody have an idea what the interior colors are on these Cold War machines?  And the blue exterior.  Fujimi figured blue plastic did the job.  I'm partial to Tamiya rattle cans.  Ideas? 



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On the exterior color, it depends on when you want to depict it.  For early service, a dark Sea Blue would be good.  For later service, it was dark gray overall.  No clue on Tamiya paint matches as I don't use them.


For the interior, various shades of grey, like all other US helos from the time.  Red-orange seat cushions too.







Here is a full walk-around with lots of interior pics:  http://hamptonroadsscalemodelers.com/sh-2f-walkaround-c-1988/





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The exterior color is not blue but a dark grey color, fs16081 which some call engine grey.


Not very familiar with the rattle can colors but I don’t think there is match. These might be in the ballpark or close enough: TS-4, TS-38, AS-10 or AS-38. 


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