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Little Bunny - P-47D

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Just a few pics of my ongoing P-47D build.  Kit is the Hasegawa 32nd scale Jug with Eagle Cal decals.  Little Bunny was an ex-Brazilian P-47D that was transferred back to the USAAC.   Despite some profiles showing the aircraft with a non-standard dark green camouflage color added, it's actually nothing more than fresh OD paint used to overpaint the Brazilian markings.  The rest of the a/c is just heavily weathered OD / Gray.  This aircraft was pretty beaten up in it's extended service, flying out of muddy / dusty Italian bases.  I did my best to replicate all the wear and tear. 


The real deal:



Note the rectangular patch on the starboard wing where the Brazilian insignia was overpainted.  



Cockpit (I used the awesome MDC resin set):





Used the True Details engine (I didn't go crazy on the detailing since it sits somewhat far back in the cowling and you can't see any of the 2nd row of cylinders).  It's reasonably priced and a definite improvement over the kit one.  I did my best to modify the magnetos to reflect the actual ones used on P-47 engines.   Both True Details and Hase got this wrong. 




Wheel bay.   Wheel bays are one of the dirtiest spots on any aircraft.    It's a bit amusing to see heavily weathered aircraft with immaculate wheel bays.   I added some structural parts and all the hydraulic hoses.   



Landing gear.  I added the hydraulic hoses, clamps and a lot of grime.   Also used the fantastic (and cheap) Barracuda resin wheels. 



Throw the model in a bucket, add paint, decals and some weathering products, shake vigorously and you have this:












Weathering is still very much a work in progress.   


Thanks for looking.  The full build log is posted over on LSP if anyone's interested in all the minutia.  

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Thanks very much guys.   


Have made a bit of progress - removed the masking from the windscreen (always a stressful event, more than once I've seen some pretty horrible overspray), got a bit of touchup to do on the frames but nothing two severe.    Also continued weathering, still a working in progress but getting closer.   After shooting on some dullcoat, next up were the Brassin 1,000 lb bombs.    Most bombs during WW2 were stored in open air "bomb dumps" exposed to the elements, mud, dust, etc.   I did my best to replicate that look.   After that, I mounted them on the pylons.   I like the look of those big 1,000 pounders on the Jug!  Just need to add the safety wires to the fuses and then on to the drop tank. 








I'll be removing some of the wash around the gear bay...













Thanks for looking! 

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Added the drop tank.  I poached a 75 gallon unit from some leftover Tamiya bits and installed it.    Of course, I neglected to drill the holes in the lower fuselage for the 4 mounting brackets (and then I promptly managed to lose one of the brackets), so the fuselage is a bit of a mess.   I'll be going back with some filler and re-painting / weathering some spots.   One step forward, one step back today.   Anyway, I'm getting there I suppose.  Once I'm done with the cleanup in that area, I plan on doing some final weathering on the lower fuselage, adding the underwing landing and ID lights, add the safety wires on the bombs and I think I'll be 100% on the undersides.    














That's it for now, thanks for checking in!

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