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F-4J VX-4 - DECM Antennas?

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As best I can tell, there were no DECM antennas on the VX-4 F-4J (specifically Vandy 1/Black Bunny).  However, I have no good pictures of the underside and I'm worried these could easily hide in the all black paint.  Does anyone have any better knowledge of either this specific airframe, or some generalizations about what F-4J's would have them?  Thank you in advance!

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51 minutes ago, BillS said:

This might depend on when. There wascalso more than one Vandy One. I’m going to scour my sources.


Thank you! I guess I'm not particularly choosy on a particular time.  I just want to make sure I model an accurate air frame that would have really existed at some time. 

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