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Fresh from completing two other kits, I returned to paint booth purgatory to wrap up my Rafale M.  You can imagine my agony to discover that the wheels are no where to be found!  You see, prior to priming and applying the panel line details, I added the gear struts and masked them off for the final paint - then set the project aside.  The wheels I hadn't applied since I usually do that at the very end so they don't break off.  


Suffice to say, they must have gotten tossed with the rest of the sprue when I condensed the box to just the decals and instructions.


Does anyone have the main gear parts C4 wheels times two and the nose wheel parts C6?  Maybe you did your Rafale wheels up and kept the parts handy??  Oh please oh please?

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I can help.....maybe!?!


I have both the 1/144 Revell Rafale M and the Trumpeter Rafale B. As I intend to build both in flight, I separated the wheels and landing gear and stashed them in the appropriate 'parts box'. Here's the trick, they're in there with a lot of other 1/144 landing gear parts! If you can post a picture of what you need, I may be able to fish them out!


Hoping for the best


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Hi Herb, thank you so much for checking for me!  I really appreciate it.  Finding pics and dimensions is tough so i'm going to be satisfied with as close as you can get.  I'm not wining any awards I'm sure so no worries there...


Near as I can tell the nose gear (x2) are about 3.2-3.5 mm in diameter and the main gear are about 5.5mm.  This is a pic from an aftermarket set in 48th scale, though I'm not certain that Trumpeter puts nearly that detail in their 144 scale kit.  Nothing in the pics from the instruction or kits are detailed enough to show it, but maybe it give you something to go on?



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