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Navy Jet Down near NAS JRB Ft Worth

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Breaking news, few details, crew of 2 injured during/after ejection, jet apparently hit several houses about a mile north of Carswell.  I know F/A-18A/Bs are based there but no details on aircraft involved.

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Found this at USNI which says which pilot was in which condition,



“The two pilots ejected from the aircraft. The instructor pilot was reported in stable condition; the student naval aviator was reported in serious condition – his injuries were not life-threatening. Both were transported to local medical facilities for treatment,” according to a Navy statement.
“The aircraft impacted the ground in a civilian neighborhood causing damage to at least three homes. Emergency services responded to the scene. The Navy is cooperating fully with local authorities.”

Local police told reporters that one of the pilots had been tangled in powerlines and the other was found in the neighborhood.

While the cause of the crash is undetermined, power for more than 1,000 residents was knocked out as the result of the T-45 going down, local officials said.

“It could have been a lot worse”, Lake Worth Fire Chief Ryan Arthur told local station WFAA. The Goshawk crashed in three homes and caused minor injuries for three people and sparked a small fire.




And from the TV station mentioned ... ejecting can itself be very dangerous, and then there's the landing after ejecting,



Two off-duty Fort Worth firefighters saw the crash happen and immediately responded, officials said. They were first on the scene to help the pilots, and were able to untangle the pilot trapped in the electric lines with the help of a police officer.

"Although badly burnt, the pilot was conscious, alert and breathing," a news release from Lake Worth police said.

The other pilot was found in the neighborhood near the crash in a wooded area. He was seriously injured but is expected to survive, Lake Worth officials said.



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