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Kittyhawk 1/48 AH-1Z

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Completely cleaned and reorganized everything on the work bench for a fresh start.
Every other model I've finished this year, or will finish here soon have either been commission builds or gift builds. This one will be for my display case.......which is currently empty!
First kit on the list is Kittyhawk's 1/48 AH-1Z with Eduard PE, Master M197 barrels and a bunch of items from my FLD line.
The goal is to start today, the 21st and have it completed by the 30th of this month. Let's see how this goes!





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Day 1 saw some decent progress. Tail boom has been assembled with only a few small bits left to add.





After removing the back of the ALE bucket recess from the inside, Flying Leathernecks FL48-8032 Chaff/Flare buckets were installed. Any small gaps will be filled after boom is sprayed with primer.



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Nothing gooder than sitting outside with a glass of Tennessee Whiskey, a beautiful woman and working on a model while some good old country music plays in the background.

Fall weather for the win! It's the gooderest ever!



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Great start, Dave.  I'll be watching intently...I have this helicopter and a bunch of aftermarket stuff for it, but I have yet to touch it.  I'm sure your build will inspire me to wait no longer!

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