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Is the hobby dying or is now best years ever?

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4 minutes ago, GW8345 said:

Nothing you wrote is political because you didn't use it in a political context, all you have done is created word salad.


Now, if you take a topic, add political some political context to it then it would be political, such as talking about a certain movement and it's ideology/leanings, that could be considered political.

I agree, I have no idea what that guy said, it was just the rambling of angry people who dont like it they can't win an argument and want to cancel those who dont agree

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2 hours ago, ChernayaAkula said:


It's not either/or. It's both, actually. That's just... how it works. Actions, consequences, that sorta thing. You voice an opinion (action), you kinda risk other people not liking that opinion and - the audacity! - voicing an opinion in reply themselves (consequences). That's basically all what holding someone accountable for their statements means as far as Internet discussion boards are concerned: asking someone to take responsibility for their statements. Nothing more. Responsibility. Consequences at the lowest possible scale: having to read a retort.  


Having to read a differing opinion is an attack to you? Just.. someone doesn't agree with you and says so? That's... an attack? What a sheltered life you must lead. From someone who's throwing around epithets like "snowflake" (not in this thread) and raving about "self entitled know it all spoiled brats", that's.... rich. And immensely funny.




So you are actually contradicting what you wrote earlier, got it.


I fail to see where anyone on here has refused to take responsibility of what they wrote, except you, you pivoted on your "free to express an opinion" statement and now say you need to hold someone "accountable" for expressing an opinion.


And again, you are trying to change the narrative because you can't defend your position, reading and responding to an opinion you don't agree with isn't "attacking" the person holding said opinion. Disparaging them and calling them names because you don't agree with their opinion is attacking them and directly leads to the decline of the hobby.


The reason why I say attacking someone who has a differing opinion is leading to the decline of the hobby is because it drives modelers from expressing their opinion, just look at this thread as an example. Another example is look how many right leaning modelers don't post here and how many left leaning modelers refuse to post over at Z5. People are not posting their opinion because they don't want to get "flamed" and jumped on by the internet cliche crowd. Another example is when someone post a pic of their build and someone points out a flaw, they get pounced on immediately and "shouted" down.


Just look how this thread started, a member posted an opinion of why he thinks the hobby is in decline and holy crap did some other members get triggered and start to pounce on him. This is why the hobby will decline, a lot of modelers can't separate their personal ideology from the hobby and want to "cancel" any modelers who doesn't think like they do.

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