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best available 1/48 GWH F-15x to convert to F-15C

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I would like to build an 1/48 F-15C and from what I heave read in the forum one of the best options would be GWH (don't want to open pandora box of Has vs GWH). My problem is that I cannot find GWH F-15C MSIP II kit in Europe. I was only able to find one on eBay, but the postage cost are a bit high. So I was thinking to maybe get an F-15J and convert it to F-15C but yet again can't find any of those boxes. 


The most available kit in the market at the moment is GWH F-15E and GWH F-15B/D. Can these be easily converted to F-15C? 

Any other option suggestion is more than welcome.



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