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When I was younger I built a model of the NCC1701 Original series Enterprise. It had some issues (nacelles were hard to get straight) but it came with a simple light and sound kit. Most excellent for what it was. I have been unable to find it or anything like it... the one I have found is extremely expensive and lights and sounds are bought separately... comes to over $500 and is probably beyond my skill level and definitely my budget. Does anyone out there know of any reasonably priced model kits (TOS Enterprise) that has lights included or available? 


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On 9/25/2021 at 9:43 PM, phantom said:

Nope. That is why I go to the surplus store, buy LEDs and hook them up to a 9 volt battery. In fact I am working on a Excelsior right now.



Thanks! so you're DIY on the lights. nice. I remember the windows were clear plastic allowing the lights to shine through on the old version. how does that work out in the current version?

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Each model is different. The newer kits like the Defiant have much better clear parts then the old school 1/537 Enterprise kits for example. The big 1/350 they work great. Many of the lights on the older kits have to be drilled out.

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