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Tamiya F-14 for $80 Prime on Amazon

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Yeah, the D is $99, still a good price shipped for the “A”


Also recently got about a dozen gunze aqueous for $2.60 a jar shipped. Some deals at times if you look around!

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It's a large box and shipping from Japan these days is expensive. During the peak of Covid last year there were massive delays with shipments from Japan, so many retailers now no longer offer the budget shipping options and will only offer tracked shipping that is considerably more expensive. I just tried a couple of model train items on that site and the shipping costs for those are what I'd expect for Japan these days. You could check Hobbysearch Japan and compare shipping rates there. I'm guessing the shipping rates will be similar. 

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2 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

Place Japan is fine.  I’ve order from their site before, so no worries there.  But as stated above, shipping options are now more limited and more expensive.


I've used Plaza Japan many times. never had a problem.  As mentioned, shipping options, costs and times have changed with the pandemic but that applies to all vendors.

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