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ZTD-05 amphibious assault vehicle- side skirt question

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Hi all,

I have the Hobby Boss 1/35 ZTD-05 AAV kit. Does anyone know if the side skirts (parts D1 and D15) are usually mounted or left off?

I have seen pictures of ZTD-05s and ZBD-05s (not sure what the difference is but they look the same) where the side skirts are mounted and other pics where they are left off. 

However, the kit instructions do not indicate these as optional parts. OTOH, the box art shows a ztd-05 WITHOUT said skirts. 

Does anyone know if the skirts are removable in real life and under what circumstances the skirts would be left off? 




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Just saw this post. Thailand bought the ZTD-05 AAV for the Royal Thai Marines. Initially they came with the skirts, but photos show them in action with the skirts removed. That's how I plan to eventually build mine.







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Just now, jrbm said:

I guess we both picked a fairly unknown kit LOL.

Excellent info. Thanks!

Well, since I only build Thai armor, I try to keep up on what new equipment they plan on getting, as well as all the old stuff they used in the past.

I think the kit was overengineered, and I will have to figure out what I can do to replace the metal "pistons" they use for the front water "pad".

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