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CD48218 - 1/48 A-4E/F

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Thank you, Kursad! I am most interested in the options. I hope these are sized to fit the Hasegawa and Monogram kits.  Let me know if you need a loner of either one. K/r, Dutch

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If you have any "Lady Jessie" sheets, this is the time to dump them on EBay because I just finished designing a pretty darn good set of markings for both the 1973 and 1974 versions (before and after the addition of the tail-tip antenna) with their subtle differences. These will be on CD48218.

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There were too many units that I wanted to do - there are six options in this first sheet but I am sure I will do at least one more A-4E/F sheet. This one has a couple of units that I don't think were done in decal form before, plus Cartograf-printed "Lady Jessie" for both 1973 and 1974 versions (before and after the installation of the fin tip antenna) with some details that were not done right in previous sheets.


There is a separate stencilling/national insignia sheet and a black insert for modex numbers, and other black markings. Sorry, no time for profiles until they get closer to release. Coming in both 1/48 and 1/72 in February.



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Here's my best guess at the schemes (all LGG over white except for one) as noted on the first sheet (above). [Additional BuNos and markings may be on the second sheet not displayed.]


Douglas A-4E Skyhawk
VMA-131 Diamondbacks 151030 / QG-08 NAS Willow Grove, PA 1970s
VMA-322 Fighting Gamecocks 151059 / QR-59 NAS South Weymouth, MA 1970s
VA-216 Black Diamonds 151137 / AA-406 USS Forrestal, CV-59 1969-1970
VF-171(KW) Aces 151064 / AD-070 NAS Key West, FL 1978 [tan/green/brown camouflage]


Douglas A-4F Skyhawk
NATC (Naval Air Test Center) 154175 / 175  NATC Patuxent River, MD 1969
VA-164 Ghost Riders 155022 / NP-401 Lady Jessie USS Hancock, CVA-19 (without tail mod) 1973

VA-164 Ghost Riders 155022 / NP-401 Lady Jessie USS Hancock CVA-19 (with tail mods) 1974


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correct date for A-4E 151064
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A-4E 151064 VF-171 Key West det late 1970s. (A-4 Skyhawk.org)



VMA-131 markings (different BuNo). (A-4 Skyhawk.org)



VMA-322 markings (different BuNo). (A-4 Skyhawk.org)



A-4F 154175 NATC circa 1969. (A-4 Skyhawk.org)

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add photo
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Dutch's list of subjects on the sheet is spot-on. I still need to do a few corrections and mods:

-It looks like by moving some black elements to the other page I can add the markings needed for the MAG-49 commander's jet at Willow Grove - this is in progress.

-It looks like the rudder of the VMA-322 aircraft has to be a deeper green. Same for the Lady Jessie markings which need to be a deeper orange.

-In all the color photos I have seen of the VA-216 jets, the lightning in the stylized AA tail code looks like gold or orange instead of the usual red. Does this make sense?



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19 minutes ago, Dutch said:

Yes, to all the suggested changed. Will the wording "MARTD WILLOW GROVE" be included.?


Obviously - it seems to be on all VMA-131 aircraft based there. Please wait until I post the black sheet and you will see all of the markings there.

The VMA-131 commander's jet is not going to happen though - it looks like the decoration bands on his jet are significantly different from those on the line jets and I don't have space for both styles. 

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41 minutes ago, Mr.Happy said:

Looks like one COULD possibly replicate a Super Fox F from the VA-164 Ghost Riders livery that comes with the sheet.


Thanks Dutch for compiling the lineage of the schemes offered.


Mr. Happy


Yes, wasn't the 155022 a Super Fox F by 1974 when it got the new fin and uprated engine? The sheet covers the differences between the 1973 and 1974 markings (correct commander names for each, etc.) and will allow you to build either one.



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