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November 2021 releases

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This is what I have planned for late October/early November releases. If I can finish the instruction design work earlier, I will enable preorders early.


  • CD48215 - 1/48 FB-111A "SIOP"
  • CD48207 - 1/48 HUP-2/3 Retriever
  • CD72091 - 1/72 B-47 Stratojet
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Before you ask, all the KC-135 stuff (CD72070/CD72115/CD72116/CD72128) will also be ready this month but there is no way I can finish all of the instructions in addition to the those of the B-47, plus the logistics of releasing more than 4-5 sheets in a batch is pretty difficult. So all the KC-135 sheets are coming in mid November or December.

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1 minute ago, Hajo L. said:

May I ask about the "early A-10s"-scheme in 1/72 and the H-53s in 1/72....? What is their current schedule?





I don't even have product numbers for them yet - early 2022 is the best estimate I can give. I have so many items in the pipeline.

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Purely curious on the new 1/72 B-52H (late) sheet timescale. I've an AMT kit nearly done with some partial Wolfpak decals but missing all stencils, debating whether to put it on hold awaiting quality stuff from Caracal (and probably changing all applied so far) or just plugging on with it with some really old and incorrect AMT stencils.

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