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CD48219 - 1/48 B-26K Counter Invader

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24 minutes ago, AnthonyWan said:

Excellent... Old Aeomaster sheets were 15 flavors of boring. 

Can't wait to grab this new one! 

Hopefully some options with nose-art? 


Hi Anthony,


I was able to find only a couple of (small) well-documented nose art, but there will be a "Makasi" example from Congo on the sheet; and hopefully it will not be as boring. Still hoping to find a few more, though. 

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Almost done with this one - it was a challenge to find interesting, well-documented nose art, and I had to rely on some guesswork and partial photos - but I think you will like the overall result. I will be putting the final touches to it tonight after I am done with the day job; and post the draft soon.

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On 10/28/2021 at 12:58 PM, KursadA said:

There are five USAF and two Congolese (Free Cuban crews) options on this sheet - and also markings for 672 in the prototype green/white scheme.


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