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F/A-18D Hornet // Hobby Boss // 1:48

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Some small progress. I decided to repaint exhaust nozzles, so I started again.
Also made more detailed canopy frame, and started painting missiles.
Previous Silver from Gunze is just amazing surfacer.







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Another step - canopy frame.
I have added a lot of stuff plus Eduard's PEs. Frankly said it is more my idea how that place is looks like (the far end of frame), because there is lack of pictures of that place. So I have made it as it "could be". 🙂








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The most challenging thing was the canopy. Or better: the canopy and the frame. It is fitted poorly, and I have added a lot of stuff there. Also there were cracked two canopies during build. That is the third one. And the last one, I hope.



The landing gear and wheels are also ready to assemble.


My Hornet will have moved flaps, so I have prepared ones.


I have put the surfacer on it, so now there is time to move off all that scratches and other stuff. Panel lines also must be corrected.


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Thank you guys.

Next step: masking and preshading for second camouflage colour. It is really hard work, because camouflage layout on thet plane is just a nightmare. But I made it.
Also I prepared few masks for all that markings and numberts. The most challenging to design and cutt out was head of Viking. But I managed it somehow.






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I like the "negative" mask approach - painting on the fine detail as a base layer.   Making masks is a new effort for me, and thus far it has been very rewarding.  This technique may come in quite handy on a future build.  Excellent work!

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