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Revell 1/32 Tomcats, big lot, jigsaw puzzle style.

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I really prefer to keep these in CONUS. Paypal preferred (friends and family works best, and if you have money in the paypal or an attached bank account there is no fee for either of us)  but USPS MO works too. PM if interested. I really want to avoid EBAY and I'm trying to price these to move, but Ive also been out of the model buying game for sometime (SWMBO, KIDS, life etc)


Ebay is getting insane, I prefer to sell them here. I have much much better experiences here on ARC anyway, and its a true blessing. lastly like everything the price of shipping has gone up. I am as unhappy about this as anyone, but keep it in mind. I sent a small package to Pennsylvania and almost passed out at the shipping charge. 



1/32 THREE Revell F-14 Tomcats. there are THREE of them all jumbled together. I can't separate them Parts were removed from sprues, and have been bagged. there should be enough to make 3 Tomcats including the 3 sets of decals and 3 sets of instructions. I will throw additional Revell parts in as well just in case I missed something:




---------I am asking $125 to the door. -------------


please PM me with questions or offers. I am trying to free up space and get some cash for holiday gift giving 


best wishes!






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