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View from the balcony

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17 hours ago, Raceaddict said:

You could make a fortune on AirBnB renting out to spotters if the flight schedule is good.

Sadly, the terms of the lease prevent sub-letting. Immediate family is OK but nobody outside that envelope.


The flying schedule is a bit random. It's always weather-dependent and being a mountainous area, mist and rain regularly prevent low flying (this week the weather has been poor and is getting worse). On a good week you'll get F15s, Hawks, Texans, C-130s and Ospreys. Other times you'll only see the Hawks and Texans, or maybe just the '15s. We had a privately owned L-39 Albatros pass through earlier this week. Sometimes they'll do the circuit 2-3 times in succession and other times they'll only do a partial circuit before departing.


Sometimes we only hear the Ospreys - they can come through at any hour of the day or night so if it's after dark I'm less inclined to stick my head out of the window to watch a glowing green lamp pass up the valley - if it's a two-ship at night, then usually only the rear bird has any lights showing.

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Over the past month or so, I've managed to 'shoot' a couple more aircraft from our holiday home in Wales.

The Aviano 'Buzzards' were operating out of Lakenheath and the '130 is a regular from Mildenhall (note the legs sticking off the back of the open cargo ramp).











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