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DCS & IL-2 Sturmovik both having sales

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DCS sale ends Nov 3rd 2021




Sturmovik Nov 4



Some of these prices are crazy.  I am thinking P-40 at 85% off is sweet.  Battle of Stalingrad. Hmm.


How much room do you have on your ssd/hdd?


If you dont have a joystick, but have an XBOX one controller this video shows you how to setup the controller in DCS.




Authentikit Spitfire controls physical setup for VR



He looks to be using a VESA stad.  I think the ones with 90 degree tilt are better.  This is an example.



DCS F-104 Vids



CAF Bombing range




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I always wanted to play IL-2 Cliffs of Dover but i guess i won`t find any new CDs with the user key and such anymore. I play a little bit of IL-2 almost every day and find myself going back to the same mission almost every time. Moscow MIG-3 scramble. A few times i play the Rheinland 262 mission intercepting Mitchell bombers. I have a pretty mediocre video card....asus 1060 strix 6gb i think but it`s more than good enough for me. I never just buy a single aircraft, not worth it only a campaign or full game.   

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