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Scuffing decals help

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I don’t have any experience with trying to scuff a decal over a natural metal finish, but I have done so for a decal on top of a lacquer paint finish (Gunze Mr. Color).  I simply laid down the decal as I normally would, including using decal softener to conform to the surface details.  I left the decal to dry overnight, as I recall, and before I put a gloss coat over the top of the decal, I just used a medium grit sanding stick and gently moved the stick over the decal surface, gently, and in only one direction, lifting the stick and repeating until enough of the decal had worn away.  After I got the effect I wanted, I sealed the decal with clear gloss.  I think it worked well, and I think it would work fine on a NMF, as long as it was a rather dull NMF finish.  I’d guess that this would not work so well if the NMF finish had a real fine finish, such as a chrome or similar.  Hope this helps!

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