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1/72 C-141B Decals?

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Looks like Jetmads has quite an ambitious selection of kits that are going to eventually please everyone. Quite a slick website, and absolutely BEAUTIFUL buildups of their 1/32 scale Douglas Skystreak. But how much of what we see there is actually real? I even have doubts on the veracity of the photos of the buildups - they are just TOO perfect. But yes, I certainly want 1/72 scale Starlifter - actually I would prefer the shorter A model - and hope their release date will actually beat my expiration date!🙂

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There is an ongoing build of the Jetmads 1/32 Viggen here at ARC and it seems pretty real to me - their kits sell out pretty quickly and it looks like they have a pretty successful track record and good business model (only sell direct via preorders, every kit a limited edition, etc). 

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