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Trumpeter 1/32 F - 100D Super Sabre

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Hi guys,

Thought you might like to see my newly finished F - 100D in the markings of the 20th. TFW, based near me at Wethersfield in the 1960's. This brings back many happy memories of school holidays spent at the end of the runway watching the " huns " activities. There have been many comments regarding the accuracy of this model, so here's a list of mods / improvements I made:

New corrected resin nose from Zactoman

main gear legs shortened by 3 mm to get the correct nose up sit of the actual airplane.

replacement resin wheels of the correct diameter ( The kit ones were too long, and had awful " Rubber " tyres )

Replacement pitot tube from Master models with a scratch built mounting , as the kit one is wholly inaccurate.

MN 1 practice bomb carrier from Video nation models.

AMS resin ejection seat.

Decals were from Eagle Strike, but I had the wing badge downloaded and printed for me by my friend, as the one on the sheet had the wrong blue for the background, being too light, and the stencils were from Campro .

Please let me know all your comments ( good or bad ! )







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