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1/72 "Latin American Deltas"

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I just wanted to share a few pictures of these jets I built rather slowly during the past year. They have a common theme in belonging to South American air forces, and being delta winged aircraft.


The first one is a Modelsvit 1/72 Mirage III EBR, built in the "azure grey" scheme. Aftermarket used is Master pitot tube and Reskit Mirage IIIE resin engine nozzle. Also replaced gun barrels with hypodermic needles, and added some brake lines to gear legs from copper and lead wires. Very nice kit, had fun building it, just required some patience, as fit is rather tight in some places and it has the typical feeling on a short run kit. Out of the box they include PE and masks.


The second one is the AMK 1/72 Kfir C2. I picked a Ecuatorian machine from the 1995 Cenepa War, the one that scored a "lucky" aerial kill on a Peruvian A-37 Dragonfly. Used Eduard dedicated PE set, Master pitot tube, Aires resin engine nozzle and New Ware mask set. Scratchbuilt brake lines and various small aerials that were appearently missing from the kit.


The third one was the most time consuming, as it took me 7 months just to get the parts for it, haha. It is a Ecuatorian 1/72 "long-nose" Kfir C10, built from the 1/72 AMK kit as well, but using a resin conversion set by Scaleworx resin, and decals by Aztec modelling from Mexico. These two aftermarket items were a proper nightmare to acquire in Central Europe where I live. There is some scratchbuild lumps and bumps all over it also, as the conversion set doesn't include everything I needed (instrument panel coaming, various aerials, etc.). Other upgrades include Kfir rear fuselage pylons by Armycast.cz, Master pitot tube, some parts from a Kfir C7 Eduard PE set, Aires resin nozzle. Loadout involves 2 TERs out of the box, so in total the jet comes with a spectacular amount of 10 Mk82 bombs. I had spares from the second AMK kit I built before. Decals for weapons and pylons are sadly omitted from the kit, so I used some spare ones I could find.


All three are far from perfect, as I don't own an airbrush, they were completely brush painted, and achieving a proper thin coat with minimal brush marks is still a skill I need to master. But with each model I feel it is getting a bit better. Also experimenting with various "dedicated" brush-only thinners and various paints and brush types. I mostly used AMMO Mig and Vallejo acrylics, including pin wash and varnishes. Weathering is perhaps a bit overdone and uneven, I admit. Used Tamiya weathering master products. I like those a lot. Photography could be better also, I used a very shiny background and the lighting is too much "in your face", that is my opinion.


Anyway, I will try to improve for my next model. To continue this latin american trend, I am eyeing a Ecuatorian Atlas Cheetah C and a Cuban Mig-21 next... but both involve "hard to get" products, haha. Scaleworx makes a Cheetah conversion and Aztec has some proper nice Cuban Raiders decal set... they might arrive by Christmas.... next year! 


If I have some spare time later on, I might write a bit longer post detailing construction. The kits are great, don't get me wrong, I just think there is some parts where the modeller has to pay attention, in order not to complicate later work for himself.























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3 hours ago, the_baphomet_00 said:


Like them very much, perfectly brush painted IMHO.





13 hours ago, ST0RM said:

Impressive Delta display. 
Truly shows how far reaching the Mirage III, went. And its sub-variants. 




Thank you for the nice comments!

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