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Blue Angels - Alliance Airport, October 2021

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Blue Angels were at Alliance Airport north of Ft Worth last weekend, just now getting my photos sorted and resized for the web.  Enjoy...




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Thanks for all of these!  I really enjoyed them.


The Blues flew at Ft Collins-Loveland airport 16 and 17 October.  Didn't go anywhere near there, because I-25 was a nightmare, as were the other roads.


I remember seeing both the Blues and the Thunderbirds when they were flying F-4s...



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Thanks everyone. I did shoot on different days. Thursday the Blues flew orientation routes, familiarizing themselves with turn points, approach headings etc. Friday (media day) they flew a full practice show. Thursday I shot south of the airport just west of the runway centerline with a Canon 7D mkII and a 100-400 lens. Friday I was right on the centerline with a Canon 5D mkIV and the same lens. All pics were shot in Manual mode (with autofocus) to maintain consistent exposure at different sun angles. The pics are jpg straight out of the camera(s) with minor cropping and major resolution downsizing (2048p max) for web viewing. 

I did not attend the actual airshow over the weekend as they wanted $95 to park in a remote lot and stay in the lot next to your car. No thanks. My only cash expense was gas to/from the airport. 

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