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B-29 "Kee Bird" color question

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Hi Gents - 


All this talk about the best B-29 kit here has made me buy and now start working on a Minicraft B-29 kit to help get my modeling mojo back¬†ūüôā


I do want to build a black bellied Korean War era B-29.  In my 1/144 decal stash is a Kitsworld sheet with the sadly infamous "Kee Bird" on it.  I may do this B-29 as the black belly combined with the high-vis tail and outer wing panels would be pretty striking I think.


With that in mind, I have a question about the high-vis tail markings.  I'm assuming it's fluorescent red and not international orange (the decal sheet just says "red")?  Also, how much - if any - are the horizontal stabs painted with this high-vis color?  My Kee Bird photos aren't clear on this.  I saw a build of the "Kee Bird" on the web and the horizontal stabs were natural metal top and bottom.  Is that correct?  Would the fixed part be fluorescent red and the moving elevators be natural metal?  Would the underside be black?  Fluorescent red?


Any light someone could shed on this would make me most grateful...!


Thanks in advance.



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Well, I'm not any type of authority, I did NOT stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but I have spent time down the Google rabbit hole.


I believe that in the time frame that "Kee Bird" was flying, the USAF was NOT using fluorescent paint for high visibility schemes.


I believe the red/orange hi-visibility color was known as "International Orange" (though in my opinion it looks more red).  Try this link for Sovern Color Coats:  https://www.arizonahobbies.com/US-Air-Force-INTERNATIONAL-ORANGE-FS-12197-2-oz_p_4600.html






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I’m thinking it was straight red for high latitude high visibility when the Air Force started the practice. The other colors came later. 



Rick L. 

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Thanks for the replies gents.¬† I too am leaning towards red, perhaps even plain ol' insignia red.¬† After some more searching I found this photo.¬† Looks like the entire emphanage is red.¬† That Artic Red looks pretty good Rick.¬† Ordering from True North paints may be a good excuse to try them out since my go-to Model Master enamels are now dead and gone ūüėě







I've already made the improvements to the engines, props and tail of the Minicraft/Crown kit:












The first primer coat is already on.  Need to fix a few minor issues and she'll almost be ready for paint. Better order some red soon!








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