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Decals for 433rd F-4D circa 1971/ Combat Use of Pave Knife

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Hello all,

Just wondering if any decals exist for this aircraft in this time period. It seems like the only 1:48 decals for the 433rd are for the F-4C/Robin Olds/Operation Bolo. I see Eduard makes a Pave Knife pod, so I would have expected there to be decals out there to complete the build.

Failing that, does anyone have reference pictures that would be of use in comparing the older 433rd F-4Cs with the subsequent F-4Ds? My thinking is that I could use generic F-4D stencils and take the unique markings from an F-4C sheet, assuming the squadron didn't change much in the 5ish year time frame.




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Yes, I did see those topics. I searched as thoroughly as I could before creating a new post. I wouldn't be opposed to doing a F-4D with the LORAN setup and black belly, but there isn't much information about the stores they carried. I read that a SUU-42 was used to dispense the electronic stuff, but I can't find anyone that makes a pod like that.


So given that, the first-gen LGB would be more interesting to me. Especially since the Pave Knife pod is already available. It just comes down to getting the correct markings on the aircraft...

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