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Decal firm recommendations

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I'm restoring an old 1/72 solid plastic (of some sort), DC-4 desk/travel agency model.


I need decals for the windows and livery.

At this time, I'm leaning towards TWA since it is just silver and doesn't have any trim that needs painting (unlike the old American scheme where the nose, nacelles and trailing edges are colored).


I was thinking about Vintage Flyer or Draw...(Though Draw warns buyers the application of its decals are a bit different than other ones you may have used).


Any recommendations on companies or airline (or even military) schemes would be welcome.


And I would prefer to limit firms to American firms...I'm not being xenophobic, rather just easier/quicker to purchase.






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HI John,


I think (not 100% sure) both Draw and Vintage Flyer decals use a similar laser-printing process to print their decals. I've used Draw Decals many times, and while they take a slightly different technique to apply, they're not too difficult to use. I have several sets from Vintage, but I haven't used them, yet. They look to me like they're similar to Draw's printing process. Both are printed on a single layer of clear decal film, so you have to cut out each individual decal.


The big difference between Draw and more conventional water slide decals is the toner they use makes the decals impervious to setting solutions. They're also stiffer, so they don't like to conform to compound curves or engraved detail. Make sure the water you dip the decal in is very hot; I keep my dish on a coffee mug warmer. For most areas, like fuselage sides and tails, they'll lay down with minimum fuss. For cheatlines that curve across the nose, use a Q-tip dipped in very hot, almost boiling water and press the decal into place. It sometimes takes more than one application to get the decal in place. When I'm doing this, I'll set up in the kitchen and use a microwave to heat the water every few minutes.


I don't know if anyone makes/made screen-printed waterslide decals for a 1/72 DC-4. You could try Joy Decals and Airline Hobby Supplies to see if they have anything.





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