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Early F-14A TF-30 exhaust "sealing plates"?

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I'm making very good progress on an 1/32 F-14A from early VF-1, circa 1975-76 and I noticed something from some photos (I'll try to post them soon) that the exhausts seem to have this bright metallic "ring" or "sealing plates" and its not just VF-1, several other early F-14 squadrons had these.  However, most of the aftermarket exhausts out there don't seem to depict this, and I was thinking of trying to scratch build some but I need some good reference photos of these sealing plates and I was wondering if anyone had such photos?  From what I can tell a piece of strip styrene put over the exhausts in the correct place would work but I was hoping to try to see what kind of surface detail I would need to depict.  In short, if anyone has some good detailed/close-up photos of these "sealing plates" on early TF-30 F-14A Tomcats I would be most appreciative.





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Bit late but maybe still of help.


I think I know what you mean, here are two images that show that, right? I have never found better images than these.






As far as I can tell these are absolute standard except that the cover plates right before the moving parts are missing. In other words, the bright shiny ring seems to be what the plates are normally attached to.


In the second picture, pay attention to that area where the horizontal stabilizer is in front of the exhaust. You can see that there is a plate on there. The ones that would be above are missing.


Here is an image from behind, on the starboard engine you can see the ring above but not below, no plates on top, plates on the bottom.






An accurate representation would be difficult since this arrangement exposes parts of the nozzle normally covered.


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