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A good day in the office!

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Yeh y'all this is just a fun side project when I am working on my two serious projects the sunken Hellcat and the TAV-8B Harrier. 


I had this crazy idea from a artstation rendering I saw. 


I started with Tiger Models cartoon F4-U Corsair not even sure what scale it is. I did paint it in authentic period 3 tone USN paint scheme for the Pacific war. Cut the flaps repositioned them. Cut the canopy so it could be opened.


After the model was completed I purchased 1/48 scale decals for Pacific based squadron in the Marshall Islands. The roundels are Maketar paint mask 1/48. 


To add to the silly effect of the condensed F4U frame I crammed in a 1/35 scale WW2 Pacific pilot. I reshaped his hands to have the right giving the thumbs up while he points at his downed zero target with his left hand.




I took the opportunity to practice my figure painting which is probably my weakest area. I used about twelve different colors from a YouTube tutorial that is my go to. 



I needed to cut the legs down to fit him into the cockpit. 


My idea was to have him banking over pointing to his kill. I decided on a small circular wooden base as the diorama. I printed photos of sky and terrain laminated them then cut and glued the scenery to the base. I layed down three coats of ultra Matt as the lamination was glossy. Drilling and mounting the model on an small acrylic rod was easy. 






Lastly was adding Water Line's 1/700 scale Japanese Naval Planes for forced perspective. I used oils to hand paint the smoke trail and burning. The two Mitsubishi A6Ms we're painted decaled and glued into place. 












I still have some pylons to add to the corsair and finish the base.I think the pilot needs a white scarf trailing out of the cockpit lol. Another fun project out of left field thanks for reading.

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