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Hey guys,


Having no knowledge whatsoever about the C-130, I'm trusting you guys to help me on this one. 😊


I'm thinking about the possibility to convert the Zvezda 1/72 C-130J-30 into a standard C-130J, wanting to do the current Blue Angels "Fat Albert". 


I can see the fuselage has to been shortened, but how much and where? 


Any other things that needs to be changed/addressed?


Are there any decals available for the current Blue Angels C-130J?


Thanks in advance!





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The new Blue Angels C-130J was a ex RAF J. It has the standard C-130H cargo compartment

Legacy rails and rollers. It's a beautiful paint job though! I have the Zvezda "H" and just got the 

J-30 kit. Both are really nice kits! Gonna build the H as a C-130E in southeast asia paint. The 

J-30 as a Southwest Airlines "what if" cargo hauler. 


Cheers....Ron  retired C-130E/ MC-130P/ MC-130H loadmaster

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45 minutes ago, zerosystem said:

Has Zvezda announced other boxings of it?  Most of the special operations C-130J (versions) have the short fuselages. 


The MC-130J / AC-130J is a standard length C-130.

I hope they release a AC-130H/MC-130E conversion.



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22 hours ago, zerosystem said:

I'd take a AC-130U or AC-130J, maybe one of the MC-Js too if they boxed any of them. 


20 hours ago, ElectroSoldier said:

Not yet


Chatter on Zvezda FB page suggest no other versions will be released. So time for the AM guys to step up.


As for the original question, I have done a couple of J-30 conversions from the Italeri kit, I don't have access to the models at the moment as they are on a truck in a removal. Here are some pictures of my mods, the plugs you need to remove are 35mm forward of the wing and 28 mm aft of it.


72_Italeri_C-130J-30_101 72_C-130J-30_03 72_C-130J-30_11



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On 11/15/2021 at 12:28 AM, Trojan Thunder said:



Chatter on Zvezda FB page suggest no other versions will be released. So time for the AM guys to step up.




Really? Ok, good, than I can start a MC-130E with the parts of the Italeri kit! 🙂




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Well, I just read on Zvezdas Facebook page that they will in fact release a standard C-130J in 2022. So I guess this issue will be a non issue within a year... 🙂

Thanks for all your replies, guys!


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Interresting topic indeed!


We really need some conversions be changed from fit to Italeri to the new Zvezda.


I really love to build a Swedish TP84 C-130E-00-LO, C-130E1 or E2.


Need to find out how to know which wheels and or breakes was mounted on which airframes at which time.


Also love some  full AC-130 conversion kits for all Spectres from A to J.


Sincerely, Fred.

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I started a WC-130J YEARS AGO! This was before corrected sponsons. I did get the attack squadron J engines, which are really good.IMAG0068_1.thumb.jpg.56b70e46a92f760a251cc665ee02eecc.jpgIMAG0068.thumb.jpg.d90e0718995eb4591b78a0dedbb9fbd7.jpgIMAG0067.thumb.jpg.848a754fe32fb344d6e73981fd383a54.jpgIMAG0066.thumb.jpg.2903cbec2c1405aba1059b617dd9126c.jpgIMAG0065.thumb.jpg.4dfbb7c0285b9aa7eaff691ba1981b71.jpgIMAG0062.thumb.jpg.2c03761333a517116dd21396bf69c18f.jpgIMAG0061.thumb.jpg.27806118f5ff469fd9672a636310f172.jpgIMAG0060.thumb.jpg.d59e920ac114764a3fe248f667af8303.jpg





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