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Protect clear parts from super glue fumes...finally!

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I dont know if this has been discovered but I recently stumbled upon a easy cheap method for protecting clear canopies and parts from those nasty super glue fumes that etch and ruin them.


1. Dip parts in Future or Pledge wax floor gloss and let dry

2. Attach parts or secure in place with super glue

3. Paint finish and enjoy the high strenght hold without wrecking your parts


Thats it really simple, if you get finger prints on your clear dipped parts or scratch them just re-dip. On aircraft canopies I also used liquid mask over the dried Pledge when painting frame and removed it no issues. Ill also use Ultra matt on the frame edge that is painted to get rid of the gloss.

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On 11/8/2021 at 8:34 PM, Night Owl Models said:

I dont know if this has been discovered


Yes, that has been discovered nearly a decade ago when people first started using Future for dipping canopies.  I use canopy glue for clear parts, which is very strong and clear.  Plus, it doesn't have any fumes and doesn't craze plastic.





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Found the page that mentions about Future protecting clear parts from super glue fumes, dated 2003:  The Complete Future



On clear parts, Future is a good protecting agent, including giving a good hedge against the 'chlorosis' white spray effect that cyanoacrylate glues can cause on windows and such.


So nearly 19 years ago.

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I have dipped canopies in Pledge/Future for years.  Also, if you hold the CA seam up, most of the fumes will rise, sparing the canopy fog mention.  However, I had a times after the model was completed had grunge appear out of the depths and stick to the inside of the canopy.  I sometimes drill tiny holes through the nose ear well through the floor of the cockpit, and using a hypodermic or eyedropper to inject Windex w/ammonia into the hole.  The hole model can be swished around, and usually the crud will wash free ans sink to the bottom of the cockpit floor where it can't be seen.  The Window evaporates eventually, also, the enamels I use are not damaged.



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I first used Future on my 1986 F-14A Tomcat build. My brother, who told me about it, had been using Future for years. I started coating entire models in preparation for decaling and weathering in the early 1990's.

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18 hours ago, Spectre711 said:

I've been doing this since before Al Gore invented the internet.


Meaning Artificial Intelligence Gore...??? :hmmm:


On 12/27/2021 at 1:05 AM, Night Owl Models said:

Sometimes the more experience modelers forget that the basics are not basic to the young beginners.


That'd be me. :rofl:I'm a noob to this hobby.




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