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Academy 1/144 B-1B 34 BS, 366 WG, summer 2001

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Really a nice kit, already planning my next one!  If only Academy would scale this up to 1/72...


I filled the slot for the targeting pod since this model predates Sniper, and took additional 500 lb bombs from a second kit to get enough for all three bays.


Decals are a mix of kit, spares box, and custom-printed.  I used 1/200 airliner windows for the OSO/DSO windows, which look about right to me.  I tried some oil paint weathering on the engine cowlings and around the wing sweep/overwing fairing area. 


I used Tamiya TS-48 Gunship Gray on the radome; it looked too dark for FS 36118 to my eye, but I really like how it captures the slightly darker color typically seen on B-1B radomes.

















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Yeah, Baby! Outstanding work! Love the custom decals for the 366th Wg. Beautiful painting and weathering.  Two thumbs up! 😃👍👍 Any thoughts about using 3-D printed nozzles? 

I agree with you that Academy should engineer a 1/72 kit.

Kr, Dutch

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Excellent work, Chris! Always liked the MO-coded Thunderbirds Bones! That belly full of bombs looks awesome, too, even if they are for practice. I second your feelings about scaling up to 1/72, we sorely need a new tool B-1B in that scale. 


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