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Elden Ring Warrior on Horse, 1/35

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Making this for our eldest daughters boyfriend who is sweating on this new video game 'Elden Ring' to come out.


Will make it into a little diorama for him.


Using the Minicraft US Horse Soldiers kit as the basis for the magic jumping horse and warrior.Horse1.thumb.jpg.a55a63154346918d67ed7f2e1fc4cbe1.jpgHorse9.thumb.jpg.59eb6d5a3f8d81068fd4fd5351ffe65c.jpgWarrior1.thumb.jpg.827d0618b3a472ca27e9999c9767a247.jpgWarrior4.thumb.jpg.9465ae5c2a120bf13e09ae443ef460e0.jpgWarrior9.thumb.jpg.66289af41b6f3091fc9f66fe2e58bdd1.jpg524584227_Jumpinghorse.thumb.jpeg.6149ed3ecc6bcfda405d42ebe421c329.jpeg




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5 hours ago, Expat Tomcat said:

Thomson, ya nailed it! Wow, what a good job. My only improvement would be finding a way to make the horse mane and other hair a bit more managed and conforming to the flow of air. 


Yes, I thought that too.  I have some decanted hairspray that brushed on might do the trick.

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